Friday, January 12, 2024

Tan Striped Sweater, Easy Tasty Meals, Cat Antics and More

 A Little Bit of This and That

Hello everyone! In true "this and that" fashion, this post is going to share something for everyone including fashion, food, pets, parties and more. Hope you enjoy!

I've been working on adding some new sweaters to my closet and this one I ordered from Blair. It's called a tunic sweater as it has a longer length which I really like. I also like the cowl neck. The sleeves are a tad long but that is minor in my book and I just roll them up. It pairs well with jeans but can also be dressed up with dressier pants. I'm definitely a sweater girl and have quite a collection of sweaters that I wear all winter long. How about you? I'll provide the link for this Elisabeth Williams sweater in case you are interested in doing a little shopping. I'm not promoting items for Blair. I do enjoy items I have ordered from them, however. I also ordered this Fair Isle sweater and really like it as well. 

Since the holidays, I have been working a little harder on making sure to provide nutritious meals for The Mr. and myself. So, here are a few meals we have enjoyed. Feel free to take any ideas from here that you think you might like. And please share any ideas you have for easy, healthy meals. This was a recent breakfast. I incorporated sauteed mini tomatoes into an egg white omelet served with sliced banana and whole wheat toast. 

This salad was really delish! Mixed greens tossed with mini tomatoes and topped with a salad topper of dried cranberries and almonds. I have been making my own salad dressings using a tablespoon of either apple cider or balsamic vinegar with about two tablespoons of olive oil, onion and garlic powder. Sometimes I add a dollop of honey mustard. Whisk well and pour over your salad. So good!

And this meal turned out really well the other night. I made salmon patties using pre-packaged salmon mixed with an egg white, onion powder, garlic powder, finely minced onion and bread crumbs. I mixed all the ingredients well, formed patties and browned the patties in a skillet with a little olive oil. Then, I baked the patties at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes. I served the patties on top of a garden salad with potatoes on the side. We both really enjoyed this meal.

After sharing so many photos of our dog, River, lately I thought I would devote this post to sharing some of what Cassie and Garden have been up to lately. As you can see in the pic, Cassie has started the new year by getting on the scales! We can all probably identify with the feeling of peeking at the number and not wanting anyone else to see it! I think you're just purrrrfect that way you are, Cassie!

Meanwhile, Garden has been devoting a lot of time to her hobby of sitting in boxes. (Photo by The Mr.) She finds that this shape of box fits her to a "T" although she enjoys other shapes as well. 

Both girls also love their perches and sit on them all the time. (I won't tell you how many perches we have throughout the house for them. Can you say spoiled cats?!) Cassie loves to jump and climb and Garden likes the perches that have hidey holes on them. Both girls like the scratching posts on the bottoms. The Mr. snapped this photo just before Garden knocked Cassie off the top of the perch. That is a "prized spot" for both of our girls. 

I had a fun time last weekend celebrating birthdays with these two lovely ladies. We all have a birthday within about a month of each other and, this year, each of us celebrated a "significant" number for our birthday. We decided to join forces and celebrate together with our other friends. What a fun night we had with good food, delicious cake, laughter, games and fellowship. As I said on Facebook, getting a year older isn't so bad when you have good friends to celebrate with! Thanks Sallyanne and Jennifer! ❤❤❤

Finally, I want to share how I have decorated the top of the radio cabinet (bookcase) in my music room using a blue theme. After Christmas it really looked bare so I added this beautiful blue quilted bowl created by my friend, Sharon. I also have a unique calendar that Sharon gave me for my birthday (it has cards that you change out for each month) and a blue tile that says, "Home is where we love, rest, dream and nest." That is certainly true of my home and, I hope it is true for you and your home as well!

This has been a busy post and I hope that you found something within it that you enjoyed, learned from or just liked looking at! Maybe even something that made you smile! That's my goal and I surely enjoy sharing a little bit of my life with you right here on the blog. Be sure to leave a comment. I love hearing from you! I leave you with a sunset seen from my kitchen door. How pretty is that?!

Until Next Time,
Debbie (This and That)


Sharon said...

Another great post, Debbie! Yes, I did find things that made me smile and that I enjoyed. Your healthy meals are inspiring. And I think very soon I will check out Blair. Your sweater is beautiful. I also like the longer tunic lengths. It was fun to see pictures of Cassie and Garden. Years ago, I had a white cat named Sugar who loved boxes just like Garden does. It was nice to see Cassie in a box and remember my dear cat, Sugar.

Iris said...

LOVE your sweater. That's the exact style that's my favorite - and helps keep me warm in this weather. I haven't shopped Blair in a long time, need to checck them out.

Also love your kitty picturs, and your food all looks delicious. Hope you'r keeping warm - it's difficult to do here in Alabama this week.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon! Cats do love boxes, don't they? I'm glad you enjoyed some happy memories of Sugar while reading my post. Have a wonderful week ahead!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hello Iris! So glad you enjoyed the post! Yes, it's colder here now and harder to keep warm. Sweaters help a lot! Have a good week ahead and stay warm, okay?

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

I like posts that include a little bit of everything. Your food make me hungry and I love your kitties.

Anonymous said...

Hi Debbie! As always, I enjoyed reading and seeing your new and interesting ideas on food, pets.decorating and clothing. I think everyone loves your sweater including me ! I’m definitely a salad person and those salads and the dressing sounded yummy !! My Mother used to make Salmon patties when we were growing up and aside from picking out those tiny bones, I loved the taste of them. Do you ever worry about the tiny bones ?? I don’t suppose they can hurt you if they’re all ground up. Correct ? I should start making them anyway bc yours looked delicious !!
Thank you for your blog ! I do enjoy reading about your great ideas 👏👏👌👌😊💕

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Carol. It's great to hear from you! Have a great week ahead!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Anonymous. I love that sweater and am, in fact, wearing it right now! I wouldn't like little bones in my salmon but I used the packaged variety (like you can get tuna in) and I didn't notice any bones at all. Have a great week!