Tuesday, November 24, 2015

This and That...Tablescape For Two..In Blue!

Tablescape In Blue

I'm in a blue mood today...but I'm not sad. I'm thinking blue because it is a color I love and I enjoy creating a beautiful table in blue. Not everyone has a huge crowd of people at the table for the holidays...or even for regular meals. So, I'm showcasing a tablescape for two which can be used for the holidays (expand the settings if you have a crowd!) or for a cozy dinner for two...or a special dinner just for YOU!  Of course, I know you aren't going to have the exact dinner settings, placemats, pitcher and candle sticks that I display here. But, think of the blue items you do have and how you might use them for a tablescape. 

I was doing some Christmas shopping the other day and a lady chatted me up telling me that blue was her favorite color to decorate with at Christmas. I definitely like to use blue as a Christmas color. I certainly have plenty of the traditional Christmas colors of red, green and gold on display during the holidays but I also have blue! (I'll share some of those decorations in a future post.) 

My Longaberger pitcher worked beautifully to hold the flowers for the centerpiece. I forget the exact name of these flowers. They remind me of Baby's Breath, but they had another name when I bought them.

I went shopping in my cabinets and found items I could use for the tablescape such as these pretty blue placemats, cloth napkins with lace napkin ring and my blue Longaberger mugs. My "Winn-Dixie" China plates are also being used here. I was one of those brides who didn't get China for a wedding present 32 years ago when Mr.thisandthat and I got married. I remember being so excited to collect pieces every time we bought groceries at the local Winn-Dixie! 

Blue candles in crystal candle holders add a nice touch. The crystal wine glasses were a gift many years ago from my mother-in-law. Aren't they pretty?

I actually use these cloth napkins on a regular basis. It saves money buying paper napkins (although I use those too sometimes) and is also good for the environment. 

I hope I haven't left you feeling too blue!  Only in terms of using blue on your table, of course!  Let me know what colors you like to showcase on your table. Are you a blue person too? Until next time.....


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julie Wunder said...

Such a pretty table! I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving week! I love the blue!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Blue is one of my favorite colors, for sure! My Thanksgiving week is going great so far!