Saturday, December 5, 2015

This and That.....Christmas Decor!!!

It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas!

Happy Saturday, dear readers! Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  At my house, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas and I am going to give you a sampling of some of my Christmas decor. Today, we will focus on the foyer, living room and master bedroom. Our first stop will be the living room where you will see the tree above. A few years ago, we made the switch to tabletop Christmas trees. A very Victorian idea by the way! 

This year, I incorporated a music theme into the tree, using musical instruments (mainly trumpets and violins) as ornaments along with our usual gold and reddish/brown Christmas ball ornaments. The tree is simpler than previous years, but I think it's very pretty. 

I also have a collection of Santas on display. Here is one of my favorites.

And here is another favorite sitting on the mantel. You'll also see a smaller Santa and one of those fun pop out cards that looks like a snow globe. There is a cat on the snow globe. (Of course!!)

More Santas in front of the fireplace including a cute sleigh where I put Christmas cards as we receive them. And, remember the white pumpkin? I'm still getting use out of it for Christmas!! I also like to keep clear Christmas lights in the fireplace year round. Lighting them adds such a warm glow to the living room all year long! Naturally, we don't build fires in the fireplace!!

I want you to see my miniature nativities. I couldn't believe that I found the Precious Memories snow globe nativity in a consignment shop we just happened into this past summer in Colorado!! I love it!

And, of course, I have my Mitford pieces on display.  They are on the shelf below the tabletop tree. Now, let's go to the foyer shall we?

Another tabletop tree adorns the foyer table. I call this one my "Homespun" tree. I chose ornaments that are homemade or have a homemade look for this tree. I also decorated and/or created some ornaments for this homespun tree. None of my decorations are expensive and most I have had for many years. 

Here, you can see a couple of the wooden ornaments that I purchased this year for a dollar each at a craft store. I painted the candy cane and added ribbon and burlap to the snowflake ornament. These ornaments give the tree a child-like quality that I like. 

And a child's tree needs some toys under it, right? Here, I have some favorite stuffed toys on display below the foyer tree. I especially love my Raggedy Ann doll.

Did you know that this year is the 100th anniversary of Raggedy Ann? 

And here we are in the bedroom with yet another tabletop tree. This time, it is a white tree made out of that mesh material that is so popular for wreaths right now. I wish I could say I made this, but I actually bought this at a craft store on sale. I just love the blue ornaments on the white tree and it matches our bedroom decor nicely. The snowman table runner under the tree was a Goodwill find this year. Nice!

Aren't the little snowmen ornaments with the blue and silver miniature ball ornaments cute?  It's funny that I have tabletop trees in my home, because as a child only the tallest tree would do!! Guess we change as we get older. It certainly is easier to pack up when Christmas is over!!

And, finally, some more blue surrounding a flameless candle that sits beside the white mesh Christmas tree. You know I love blue!!

And that concludes the Christmas tour for today! I hope you enjoyed seeing how I am decorating for the holidays. And until next time, may you enjoy this beautiful season!!

Ho, Ho, Ho,



Andrea Nine said...

Just gorgeous! Love the tabletop trees and the sweet little nativity!! Hope you're enjoying a wonderful weekend!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Andrea, for your sweet comments! Your trees are definitely professional looking compared to mine!

Carmen Varner said...

Decorating for Christmas makes everything that much more jolly. Have a fantastic week. :]

// ▲ ▲

Michelle said...

So many festive decorations you have. I love love the snowman tree. I collect snowmen ornaments for my tree. It is nice to see how other incorporate a bit of old and new into their Christmas themes. So happy you joined Christmas in July this week. Hope to see you back next week for Book Wino.