Sunday, December 13, 2015

This and That.....Christmas Tablescape!

A Christmas Tablescape

Debbiethisandthat Christmas Tablescape
Debbiethisandthat Christmas Tablescape

Hello dear readers! I hope your weekend has gone well. Mine has been very busy with Christmas shopping and church, but I have managed to find a little time to be creative. And that brings me to today's creative post! I'm sharing a Christmas tablescape today that I plan to use on Christmas Day.  My table is set for three since that will be the number of people I will be serving. Feel free to adopt ideas to use for your table. If you plan to serve more, just increase the number of table settings. 

Almost all of the table decorations are pieces I have had for quite awhile. I did purchase these cute Owl Winter plates from Walmart recently for a couple bucks each. Very economical! Aren't they cute? And I like that they have a winter theme rather than a total Christmas theme. I plan to use them throughout winter as well! That way I get more bang for my buck! I placed them on top of my Winn-Dixie China plates that I mentioned in an earlier tablescape post. 

I purchased these cute snowman mugs at the same time. Again, very economically priced. I could have gotten matching Owl mugs, but I like the look of the snowman mugs better.

The silverware holders are actually gift card holders that I purchased quite cheaply at a local craft store. They have a little pocket in back to place a gift card. I tucked the silverware in that pocket. They also have a ribbon hanger to use to hang on a tree. Double duty....maybe triple....duty.   Love that!!

I bought three different designs of the gift card holders. You saw the stocking above. Here is Santa....

And here is a snowman.

I carried the snowman theme to the rest of the table. I have quite a collection of snowmen I could choose from.  See my Hallmark Mitford snowman in the middle? The two snowmen on the plate are salt and pepper shakers. 

The centerpiece you see above was inspired by a plate I saw yesterday while out shopping. The plate I saw could be used two different had an upside down snowman holding a Christmas plate. If you turned it one way it was a raised plate. If you turned it the other way it was a bowl with the plate below to put crackers or chips on with dip in the bowl. I didn't buy the plate, but I wondered how I could make something similar with what I already have.

So, I started with a raised trivet that I own.

Put a Christmas plate on the trivet that someone gave me a few years back.

Added some red Christmas beads. The idea of using beads was inspired by Rhoda at Southern Hospitality

And finished by adding the snowmen salt and pepper shakers.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the napkins! I didn't want to cover the cute owl plates with a napkin, so I tri-folded a red paper napkin and slipped it into the snowman mug at each setting. It kind of looks like the top of the snowman hat is pointed!

I'm looking forward to a very festive table on Christmas Day!!

How about you?  Do you have any special plans for your Christmas table? Do you keep it simple, formal, or go all out with the red and the green? I'd love to hear from you!

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julie Wunder said...

So adorable!! Love those owl plates!!
I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!

Michelle said...

Such a whimiscial table. I think I'm going to begin doing this kind of theme with my grandchildren this year now that they are older. I always find such cute table settings out and usually pick them up for my TK students. But now I can see special table settings for my grands. Nicely done!