Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This and That...Interviewed By A Cat!!

How It All Began.....

Since she has already taken over my desk area....

and my computer.....

I figured I may as well hand over today's post to my cat. I had intended to use today to tell you a little more about myself and my blog, but Gracie insisted that I let her do this interview style. So, without further ado...here is the interview of Debbiethisandthat (AKA "Fur Mama") by ace reporter....Gracie the cat!

Gracie: Thank you for finally coming to your senses and letting me have some time on the blog.

Fur Mama: You're welcome...but I don't see that I had much of a choice since I can never get to my desk or computer these days..

Gracie: Yes, well let's not bore the readers with family trivia..so here's the first question. Tell us a little more about yourself.

Fur Mama: Well, as I've mentioned before I'm a teacher and I've taught for over 35 years now. 

Gracie: I see....have you mainly taught kittens...I mean small children all those years? 

Fur Mama: Actually I've taught ages 4 all the way through High School at various times. But, most of those years were spent teaching third and fourth graders. I've also taught music lessons and did substitute teaching early in my career. 

Gracie: Interesting....so I notice you have a lot of different subjects on your blog posts....why is that?

Fur Mama: That's a great question. 

Gracie: Naturally  (yawn....)

Fur Mama: My blog is actually named "Debbie this and that" because I couldn't narrow down to one particular theme like some blogs do. You know some focus on exercise or business or fashion...I have lots of interests. You know...a little bit of this and that. Are you getting all this down or just looking out the window?

Gracie: I thought I saw a bird outside.....maybe it was a squirrel....OK, so you mentioned fashion. I have noticed that occasionally you do a fashion post.

Fur Mama: Yes, I call those posts "Debbie's Stylin."

Gracie: Hmmmm...I'm not sure how to ask this delicately....(lick, lick)....uhm.....

Fur Mama: Well, you're the ace reporter, so just ask the question.

Gracie: OK...here goes.  Have you noticed that you are not....well.... exactly model material? I mean Morris the Cat you're not!

Fur Mama: I'm not trying to be Morris the Cat, or Christie Brinkley or any of those other fabulous fashion bloggers who always look like a million bucks!

Gracie: So, why bother doing fashion posts?

Fur Mama: Well...when I do a fashion post, I'm just sharing with readers what my style is....not necessarily trying to say I'm some great fashionista or trying to tell others how to dress. Maybe someone will see a color combination they would like to try or realize there are some great finds at Goodwill that don't cost a mint. That kind of thing, you know? Plus...I kind of get a kick out of doing those posts.

Gracie: Yes...well....it seems like having one coat you lick clean every day would be enough.  OK, next question. Why do you mention West Virginia and Colorado so much?

Fur Mama: Well, as you well know, but the readers may not....we have family in both of those places. So, we travel there to see family and have vacation fun at the same time!

Gracie: Fun for you, maybe, but I get stuck here with the house sitter!    But, I digress.      Next question.   Is there any tuna in the house?

Fur Mama: That's not a question about the blog!

Gracie: Hehe....just thought I'd try.....so, you talk about God a lot in some of your posts.

Fur Mama: Yes, my Christian faith means a lot to me. I enjoy sharing uplifting scriptures and short devotional type messages from time to time. I hope that they lift other people's spirits, as well, to know that God loves them.

Gracie: I know God loves me and all cats....I guess he likes dogs too. I'm a Nine Lives Adventist you know. 

Fur Mama: Yes, I know. And God loves dogs too by the way!

Gracie: If you say so.....OK next question. Some readers would like to know where you live.

Fur Mama: Well...I live in the mountains of a beautiful state somewhere in the eastern part of the United States. I live in a house that we have been renovating for over 13 years. 

Gracie: (Licking her pencil tip....) So, should I put the GPS coordinates down for that location?

Fur Mama: No, don't you dare!

Gracie: OK, we're almost done. How about....do you have any hobbies?

Fur Mama: Yes, actually, I have several. I LOVE to read and I also enjoy taking walks when the weather is nice, doing word finds, artistic things like coloring, crafts, writing stories and poetry, singing, playing violin...and, oh, I got a sewing machine for Christmas and I'm trying to learn how to sew small things like Christmas ornaments!

Gracie: (Big Yawn)  Oh WOW....EXCITING!    NOT!

Fur Mama: You know for an ace cat reporter, you're kind of rude.

Gracie: Sorry, but it's getting close to my nap time. I noticed you didn't mention blogging as a hobby.

Fur Mama: Well, of course, blogging is my newest hobby and I really think it's great fun! I'm looking forward to lots more posts in the future, actually. There's only one problem with blogging lately....

Gracie: (Furiously writing down my last words) Oh yes....and what's that? I'm sure your readers would like to know.

Fur Mama: Getting the computer and my desk away from the CAT!

Gracie: OK, interview over. I hear my dish being filled. Oh, by the way....am I being paid for doing this post?

Have A Furry Nice Day,
Gracie the Cat...Ace Reporter


Anonymous said...

Neat point-of-view on your blog post! So much brewing behind Gracie's eyes...it makes me wonder what she would really say if she could talk. DR

Debbie Styles Life said...

I wonder if I want to know what she might really say??? Yikes!

Anonymous said...

I know...scary thought, right? DR

Sharon said...

Yea! This is the first time I have commented on any blog, and it's easy to do. The location of the comments is easy to find. Your interview with Gracie is one of my favorite blog posts of all the blogs I've ever read. So entertaining!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much Sharon! Please visit any time and thanks, also, for the helpful info!!