Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Breakfast in Bed...And A Table In Red!

Breakfast In Bed

Seriously, how long has it been since you've treated yourself to breakfast in bed? And no...that time you had the flu doesn't count!! I'm talking about allowing yourself to luxuriate in bed and enjoy a breakfast fit for a queen. That's you! And what better time to pamper yourself than Valentine's Day? Don't wait for the 14th...pamper yourself today! Just start with a beautiful tray like the one you see above.

Add a pretty plate, a red napkin for Valentine's Day, and perhaps some cranberry juice and a juicy red apple. Whatever makes you feel like a queen. I even added a little red candle that smells deliciously like cinnamon. I'm keeping to the reds for a Valentine's theme, but any color will do.

Now all you need is to add something lucious on that plate. Some scrambled eggs perhaps? Or a delicious muffin? Hmmm..how about some pancakes? Add whatever you like..even if it's toast and a bowl of cereal. There's something about having breakfast in bed that says, "I'm special and I deserve a treat!" So go ahead..pamper yourself with breakfast in bed. Take a good book with you and really enjoy some "me" time. After you've rested you'll be all ready for the next step....

A Table In Red

You knew what was coming, didn't you? Of course...a tablescape in red for Valentine's Day!  For this tablescape, I'm really focusing more on the vignette in the middle of the table than on the place settings, although I do have the red napkins gracing the white plates. 

For this vignette, I've used a variety of sizes of red candles and candle holders to add both depth and height to the vignette. The stuffed red hearts shout "Valentines" of course. The red bow and velvet jewelry bag give the vignette more visual interest. And then, for a touch of the dramatic, I draped faux pearls over a candle and added the double hearts gold pin. 

I'm pleased with this Valentine vignette and look forward to letting it grace our table for awhile. How about you? Whether you're setting your table (or your breakfast tray) for one or two...make Valentine's Day a happy time for you! Do you like to do table vignettes? Do you like breakfast in bed? Leave a thought below!

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Karen said...

What a great idea! I'm sorry to say I have never done this. Must fix that!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Give it a try...pamper yourself!