Sunday, February 21, 2016

Styling The Foyer Table While Yearning For Spring!

Yearning For Spring

It happens about this time every year. The cold and dreary days of winter grow old and I begin to yearn for the warm, flower filled days of Spring. But, it's still only February! What's a girl to do? So, I decided to bring a little Spring into the house with some Spring-like flowers in a beautiful pitcher. Here's how I went about preparing the flowers and styling the foyer table.
I began by choosing some beautiful flowers at the local supermarket and then chose my small Longaberger pitcher to hold them.

The pink carnations and white daisies and baby's breath just called to me. There's a hot pink chrysanthemum in the mix as well.

The flower stems were too long for the pitcher I chose, so I held them next to the pitcher to get the correct length before cutting the stems.

Then, I carefully cut the correct length.

I always like to add the little packet of plant food that comes with the flowers. This ensures the flowers stay fresh longer.

And finally, I enjoyed arranging the flowers in the pitcher. 

I decided to continue using this doily on the foyer table. You first saw this as part of my Valentine decorating. My mother crocheted this doily, so it has special meaning for me. 

The flowers and pitcher look so pretty on the doily, don't they? I think I feel a spring breeze in the air!

I moved the white flowers and vase to the bottom of the table.

And I added another touch of Springtime pink with the heart wreath on our front door.

Every time I see these flowers, I think of Spring! And, hey, March is only one week Spring will be here before we know it!

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Karen said...

This is a great idea for bringing an early spring inside! I too am longing for spring. We had a mildish winter, but I am a warm weather girl. Something about fresh flowers lifts my spirits. You chose a beautiful combination of colors. And what a lovely doily to set them off. Your mom would be smiling!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I like to think of my mom smiling! Hang in there...Spring is coming!