Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Loving Lavender...Skirt and Top

Lavender Love

Lavender is one of my favorite colors. So I couldn't resist styling this ensemble of thrifted skirt, top and scarf belt.


The skirt was a Goodwill find and falls in layers with an uneven hem. It is so lightweight and feminine. I feel very "girly" wearing it. The tag says "newsworthy" and the skirt is lined which is also nice. No slip needed for this lightweight fabric.


The top is by "Fashion Classics" and was a long ago purchase at Hamrick's. I purchased similar tops in pink and salmon which I also enjoy wearing in Spring and Summer. Recognize the scarf belt? I wore it here with my Dancing With The Stars dress. 


And I'm wearing my "thirty minute" shoes again....lol!  You last saw them here. Oh for twenty years younger feet!!


I'm accessorizing with a faux pearl multi-strand bracelet....a Colorado summer purchase....


And this sweet vintage purse which I found on a dollar table at Goodwill buried under a pile of other coin purses, hats and belts. It has the "old fashioned" snap clasp opening that I remember from my mother's purses and has little gold faux stones along the top and on the clasp. Inside is a cute little coin purse attached with a chain. I read a lot on blogs about vintage fashion and this is one of my first vintage "finds" so I'm excited about it! 


Would you like to hear a purse story from my childhood? This may take awhile, so I'm going to sit down and get comfortable. My feet are killing me! As a child I hated going to the doctor (as most children do) and I always seemed to be getting sick. So one day when I wasn't feeling well and my Mom knew I would need to go to the doctor, she promised me a new purse if I didn't cry when the doctor gave me a shot. Now....I really hated shots......BUT.....I REALLY wanted a new purse. So I was determined to do what it took to get one. So....when the inevitable happened....and the doctor started to administer the shot.....I could be heard all the way into the waiting room hollering...."IT DON'T HURT, IT DON'T HURT!"   

My poor Mother.........

And, yes, I got the new purse....it was a beautiful white purse, with a chain handle and a snap clasp.....very similar to the black purse I'm holding in these pictures. Ahhhh....sweet memories....

Please leave a comment...let me know you're there. Do you love lavender or another color? Have any fun purse stories? Hate getting shots at the doctor?  ( I never outgrew that by the way...but now I try not to holler!) I love to hear from you!

Until Next Time,


Anonymous said...

This is such a pretty and feminine look! And how great to find it at a bargain price! I do remember the shoes and the 30-minute concept!! I love vintage purses and look for them even at antique malls! Yours is so pretty, and the story is hilarious! What we won't do for fashion!! I have an intense fear of needles and live in fear of the next blood draw, even though none is on the horizon. My sister just had cataract surgery and my stomach knotted up when she mentioned the IV. I was close to tears and could feel my hand burning, so I am another one that hates needles! Shots I can manage with my eyes closed, but I have been known to kick in fear. Irritates the nurses!😊

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks for stopping by and leaving your comment. I hope there are no shots in the future for you! Good luck looking for those vintage purses. I think I may have found a new hobby in hunting for them.....uh oh!!

Unknown said...

You are too funny! I love the story. And you know that I LOVE vintage items. That purse is really cute. Thanks for linking up with me today.

Tania @ http://www.50isnotold

Lisa said...

I love that skirt. That is great that it doesn't need a slip. Do any of us even own a slip anymore? lol