Saturday, April 16, 2016

Saturday Jeans Outfit...And Biscuits!

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Saturday Styling

Happy Saturday Dear Readers!  I'm styling in comfort today with an all jeans outfit. In my opinion, there is nothing like the comfort of jeans and a soft t-shirt style top. Add a jeans jacket and some comfy shoes and you know you can go about your Saturday errands in a relaxed and breezy manner. 

I know some folks call elastic waist jeans "Mom jeans." I call them comfortable! I don't know if this happens to you or not, but I find as I go through the day some "bloat" happens, especially after I eat. Elastic waists are great for giving that extra "expansion" that is needed throughout the day. I do have regular zip jeans, as well, but Saturdays are for comfort, right?! I have several pairs of these jeans. The brand is White Stag and I bought them at WalMart. The shoes are Skechers Lite Weights and were a Stein Mart purchase. Similar seen here.

And I couldn't be happier with my Gloria Vanderbilt jeans jacket! I actually bought the jacket first in white and discovered after wearing it all day how comfortable and soft the jacket really is. So, I went back and bought it in blue! I purchased mine at Sears and both jackets were on sale. Score! I love how these jeans jackets are much lighter to wear than jeans jackets typically are. I know I'll be wearing and enjoying these jackets for many years to come. 

And I have to show you this cute little jeans purse I found at Goodwill for a dollar!! It has jeans material on the outside, but the lining and the underside of the handles are red plaid. Too cute! 

Now, you know I like a little bling, so this t-shirt with a colorful peacock on the front adds that to the outfit. The peacock feathers are made out of blue and green metal ovals that cascade down the front of the shirt. that I've shared a comfortable jeans outfit with you, how about I share some biscuits with you? It's OK...go put your expandable waist jeans on...I'll wait!

I had hoped to get this post written earlier today, so you could see these mouthwatering biscuits closer to breakfast time. But, errands got in the way. That's OK, though, biscuits are good anytime of the day! I made these biscuits for dinner last night and I made them "from scratch." I basically use the old Betty Crocker biscuit recipe as a guide and adapt the recipe for my taste. I use half white flour and half whole wheat flour so the biscuits have some whole grain in them. I use olive oil for the shortening and a low sodium baking powder to cut the salt content. 

My favorite part of biscuit making is the kneading of the dough. I find it satisfying to form and shape the dough until I begin to feel the "elasticity" happening that tells me the dough is ready to be cut into biscuit shapes.

I can never make biscuits without thinking about my Aunt Beulah. When I was growing up in West Virginia, my family spent quite a bit of time at her house in Gilmer Station. No matter when we might drop in for a visit, you could always count on Aunt Beulah serving two things at her dinner table....brown beans and fresh, hot biscuits. Now, that was some fine eating my friends! To this day, if I go to Cracker Barrel and order pinto beans and biscuits I call it an "Aunt Beulah Special!" I can still picture her kneading the biscuits and cutting them with a little round metal can she kept just for that purpose. Of course, she used buttermilk for her biscuits...not fat free milk like me!

But, once I get them in the oven......

And then onto my plate....I can almost hear Aunt Beulah's voice laughing at the table with my Mom, my sisters and me! A happy memory to be sure. 

I hope that your weekend is giving you some happy memories! Please be sure to leave me a you enjoy wearing jeans? Do you like elastic waist jeans/pants? And what is your opinion of biscuits? As always....whatever you feel like sharing....I love hearing from you! 

Until Next Time,

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Karen said...

What a great memory of your aunt's biscuits! Yours look good! I never made biscuits with olive oil, but it will be something I try. I know what you mean about buttermilk. I try to eat healthy too, but sometimes you just have to go with the buttermilk, and isn't it lower in fat? Let's just say it is๐Ÿ˜Š! I like the longer length of your jean jacket, and I can surely relate to the random bloat!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: Let me know how it goes if you use the olive oil in your biscuits. I find it works well. I didn't realize buttermilk was lower in fat, that's good to know! Yes, the jeans jacket I'm showing is longer than the usual ones. I like that too. Thanks for your comment. Have a great week ahead!

Patti said...

Very relaxed and comfortable - and I do need to have a bite of those biscuits, Debbie! Thanks for linking up, xo


julie Wunder said...

I bet your biscuits are amazing!!! Yummy!
Cute look. I like the denim on denim!!

Amy Johnson said...

I really like your denim jacket and peacock t shirt. And those biscuits look delicious. I see your one of Katherine's over fifty bloggers. I am too!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Nice to meet you, Amy. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I think it will be fun to be part of the series. I'll look for your feature!

Vanity And Me said...

Nothing wrong with a day of being comfortable, although I would not usually tuck that lovely T shirt in. Love your denim jacket, this is something I need to buy myself. Buscuits, yours look lovely & I make these to. My other half likes them with jam and fresh cream x

Vanity And Me said...

Nothing wrong with a day of being comfortable, although I would not usually tuck that lovely T shirt in. Love your denim jacket, this is something I need to buy myself. Buscuits, yours look lovely & I make these to. My other half likes them with jam and fresh cream x

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you for stopping by and for your comments. I don't always tuck t shirts in, either, but this one is especially long and would detract from the jeans jacket. Have a wonderful day!