Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Shopping My Closet...Surprise Compliments!

Styling and Compliments
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Hello dear readers! Tell me...has this ever happened to you? Today, I wore this outfit to work and the compliments just did not stop!

Now, I'm not sharing this to brag. I actually began to wonder how I must look every day, because I certainly don't usually get so many compliments ! I like it when I shop my closet and a "happy accident" of style occurs! I think I got it right today with this salmon color dress and black jacket combo. 

The dress was purchased a few years ago at Stein Mart and is by MSK. It was a true bargain on one of their sale racks. Literally, an under 10 dollar purchase. I haven't worn it much but, after today, I think I'll be pulling it out more often! I've had the jacket forever and don't recall where I purchased it. The label says

This shows a closeup of the skirt of the dress which is a drape style with a black/gold decorative belt insert at the waist. I think the drape style is what appeals to me most about this dress. The drape is great for hiding/diverting the eyes from those trouble spots like the tummy area. I couldn't find the exact dress, but here and here are a couple of pretty drape styles available at Stein Mart. 

And I'm loving my Skecher's wedge sandals! The memory sole on these shoes give my feet such a bed of comfort. I own several pairs of Skechers in various styles and enjoy wearing all of them as a comfortable shoe. Again, they were an on sale item at DSW. Love those sale prices!!

So, that's my "happy accident" of style post for today! Think I'll get it right tomorrow? Stay tuned......Please leave me a message, I truly enjoy hearing from you. Have you had any happy accidents of style lately? Or are you spot on with style everyday? Or...what else would you like to share? Thanks so much for stopping by today!

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Karen said...

The dress is great! I like how it drapes, very flattering style. And the jacket is the perfect finishing touch. On Sundays I write down what I'm going to wear each day to work, and when this happens (compliments), or if I feel particularly good in something, I put a star by it in my notebook. So when I know I need an extra measure of confidence, I know what to reach for. Your dress and jacket would be one of those things! I love the color of the dress!

Debbie Styles Life said...

What a great idea to write down the outfits and put a star next to the ones that really pop! I agree that it does give extra confidence when I feel that I am looking good in an outfit. Thanks for stopping by and giving me a great idea!

Olivia @ Reinvented Collection said...

Your dress is very flattering with the swooping lines and semi-belt clasp in the center. It looks beautiful on you.

Thank you for joining us this week at Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop.

Reinvented Collection

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Olivia for stopping by and for your lovely comments! Hope you will visit again soon!