Friday, June 17, 2016

Nautical Tablescape...Bringing the Ocean Home!

Are you missing the beach but a trip is not in sight?  No problem...bring the beach to you with a fun nautical tablescape.

I found these fun nautical placemats at A.C. Moore for a buck each. 

And how serendipitous that the napkins I have on hand just happen to have seashells on them to match the theme!

I added a sailboat some lighthouses and various rocks and shells we picked up on previous beach trips to the middle of the table. 

After clearing the dinner dishes, I simply stacked the placemats and moved the tablescape to the center of the table to further enjoy my ocean scene! I really enjoy the sailboat I bought awhile ago at Cracker Barrel. They carry a lot of beach decor in their gift shop.

Now granted, this tablescape doesn't take the place of a beach trip, but it does bring happy memories of previous trips to the dinner table and I can almost feel those fresh ocean breezes.....

How about you?  Do you have fun ways to bring the ocean to your home?  Do you have some great ideas for beach (or other) tablescapes?  Hope you'll share!

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Sharon said...

Your tablescape is beautiful! All your items go so well with the theme. And placemats for a dollar each! Both you and my daughter seem to have a knack for finding those deals. I really enjoy seeing how what you use in your home seasonally as I follow your blog.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon, for your sweet comments! I do love finding a good deal!!

Karen said...

Ocean themes make my heart sing! I like what you did here! I am land-locked, but the ocean is my refuge, a place of peace, and I visit every chance I get. My favorite is the Outer Banks, hands down! My entire house is beachy, from colors chosen to understated decor, it is a peaceful place to land at the end of a stressful day. There is just something about the ocean...

Debbie Styles Life said...

Oh you're so right, Karen! The ocean definitely calls forth relaxation and peacefulness for me. How wonderful to have the theme throughout your home!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute. It also seems very affordable to do. I have some shells collected from the beach which would work great in this design. Thanks for sharing