Friday, June 24, 2016

White Capri Pants and Goodwill Shopping Tips

Does Style Have To Be Expensive?

Do you think great style has to be expensive?  Some people do and wouldn't think of wearing clothes that aren't the very latest style and the most expensive item or brand name. I hold a different opinion.

I believe that it's possible to have a neat, polished and stylish look without spending a mint. Today's post is a case in point. I'm styling white capri pants that I purchased recently at Goodwill.  These capris cost me a whopping $3.75!  They fit beautifully, are the color I was looking for and are a great comfortable find that I will be wearing for many summers. I love to shop at Goodwill and feel that shopping there is a cost effective way of adding to my wardrobe without breaking the bank. 

To add to the polished look, I'm pairing the capris with a melon colored top that I purchased a few years ago at Hamrick's as a sale item. Coordinating bracelets add a touch of class, as well. 

I honestly don't recall when and where I purchased these sandals. The brand is "Strictly Comfort" featuring memory foam on the foot bed. The memory foam certainly makes the shoes more comfortable to wear. The block heel adds support and is not too high. 

Now, in all honesty, had I not told you that these capris were purchased at Goodwill....would you have known?  I've been looking for quite awhile for a summery looking pair of white pants since they are so in vogue right now. I've tried on many pairs in regular stores at much higher prices and found that they just didn't look that great on me. I went to Goodwill specifically looking for a white pair of pants thinking that if I chose a pair that didn't end up being something I would like, at least I wouldn't be out a lot of money. I tried on MANY pairs of white pants before settling on these capris. I think I found a winner! The capris brand is Erika Co. 

So, as a fan of Goodwill shopping, I thought I would share some tips that I follow when shopping there. (If you follow my blog, you know I mention items purchased at Goodwill fairly often).

1. Not all Goodwill stores carry the same quality merchandise as others, so be willing to try looking at several different Goodwill stores in different areas of your town. We are fortunate to have several different stores in my area to choose from. 

2. Be willing to look several times before deciding on a purchase. For instance, I tried on white pants at one particular Goodwill and found nothing that fit correctly or looked good on me. So....I left without making a purchase. A few days later, I tried a different Goodwill and found the capris I purchased. But, as with all shopping, it took time and effort. 

3. If you are looking for a specific item, be careful not to get "distracted" by other items. This is hard for me, because with prices so low, it's easy to see several items that interest me and I "think" I need.  When shopping for the white pants, when I got distracted by other items, I would remind myself that I had come specifically for a particular item and needed to stick to my plan. That kept me from making frivolous purchases just because items are cheaper than in other stores. 

4. Carefully inspect the garment before making the purchase to make sure there are no stains or tears that went unnoticed when trying on the clothing. 

5. Don't just be a Goodwill shopper.....also contribute to Goodwill. Mr.thisandthat and I regularly go through our clothing and household goods each year to see if there are unused items that we can donate to Goodwill. I've actually seen clothing that I donated being worn around town! It's nice to know other folks like my style!

So, do you love a bargain like I do?  Are you a Goodwill shopper? Hope you'll take a moment to share.....I love hearing from my readers.  And whatever your style and wherever you shop...I hope you have a happy and wonderful weekend!
Until Next Time,

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Karen said...

First of all, this is a great outfit. I love the color of the top with the white capris, and no, I would not know they were from Goodwill. Tip number 3 covers any type of shopping we do and while difficult, it can become a habit that can be mastered. In recent years I have taken a list when I need specific things. I did this recently on an annual shopping trip I do with my sister, stuck to it and did not make impulse purchases. Believe me, we were shopping in the land of impulse! ! -I spent far less than the previous year and love what I got. I knew the stores, studied their offerings and took pictures. It works!

Debbie Styles Life said...

You're right Karen, tip number 3 does cover any type of shopping. I like your ideas of making a list and taking pictures of items you are interested in. Thanks for sharing!

julie Wunder said...

You really find the best deals. Thanks for sharing your secrets!
The outfit is so crisp and summery- love it on you!

fabulosa said...

That's a great price for the Capri pant. I usually buy my pants at Goodwill, and you are right when you mentioned the quality of merchandise by store. Some are fabulous, others not so. You look fabulous with breaking the bank!

Sharon said...

I was glad to read your "shopping rules". These are great tips!

Patti said...

Great tips, Karen, and you look fresh and pulled-together. Thanks for linking, xo


Jessica Jannenga said...

HI Debbie
You have found a steal! I would love to have a Goodwill around here that had great clothes. I do 98% of my shopping online, as I cant stand long periods at one place. I do shop at poshmark, which is more of an online "thrift store". You look great and I say, its always fun to find a deal!
jess xx

mummabstylish said...

Nice to meet you and I agree, I spend varying amounts to look stylish. I hope you can visit my blog sometime. Jacqui