Thursday, June 9, 2016

Butterflies on the Foyer Table!

Wings of Color

I decided to change things up on the foyer table today by doing a butterfly vignette.

As I've written before, I have a love for butterflies and each object on the table is either a butterfly or has a butterfly on it. The striped mat helps to pull out the variety of colors on each object.

I've used this garden rock in other vignettes before. I love the message on the rock and, of course, the gold butterfly that adorns the lower left. 

This lovely angel holding a butterfly was a gift from my "Secret Pal" at school.   It is so precious. 

These are the items I had on display previously on the foyer table. I like the look of the bunnies and "Spring Thyme" board and decided to move this vignette to the wooden steps that sit beside the foyer table. These wooden steps are actually meant to be used as a shoe rack or as a step up to a bed, but we currently use it as part of our foyer display. Do you notice the hummingbird hanger on the sign? That was another "Secret Pal" gift and I decided to add it to the display.  ( My Secret Pal has been very good to me this year!!)

I just love this thrifted pitcher and wanted to keep it on display, as well, so I moved it to the bottom shelf of the foyer table. 


It's always refreshing to give a new look to the foyer table.  I'm a little late with my Spring Cleaning, and although this is technically not "cleaning" it is a good beginning to the process! How about you? Do you have any special Spring decorating (or cleaning) that you do? Hope you'll leave me a message and share!

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Karen said...

I always enjoy seeing what you do with your foyer table!
This reminded me of last night. I looked out to the backyard and saw a hummingbird tussling with a butterfly. Neither was having much success intimidating the other and both eventually took off in opposite directions. Huge butterfly, and I do enjoy watching them too! I think the way they start life is inspiring. said...

Oh wow! That must have been amazing to see the butterfly and hummingbird together like that! Thanks for foyer table is ever changing!

julie Wunder said...

Love what you did with the table! I'm a big butterfly fan too.