Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Pumpkins Are Coming!

It's All About The Pumpkins!

Photo by William Ross

Seems like this has been a weekend for pumpkins at my house. It all started Friday evening when Mr.thisandthat and I watched over the "Pumpkin Patch" at our church. Our congregation sells pumpkins each Fall and splits the profits with the Navajo Indians who grow the pumpkins. Our church uses the pumpkin profits for mission projects throughout the year. Doesn't looking at this pumpkin patch make you want to watch a Charlie Brown video?

And I finally got around to updating the foyer table with pumpkins and scarecrows. This is a similar look to last year, although I added some height to the look with an upturned basket to make a seat for one of my scarecrows. 

I also moved the wreath and wall hanging from the table to the door, double stacking the hangers. Here is how the table looked before.

And here is the completed look on the foyer table now. 

This pumpkin with the carving of a willow tree is one of my personal favorites that I like to display each year.  This pumpkin reminds me of a happy day with the hubby when we were just out and about one Saturday afternoon several years ago. We stopped at some shops in Biltmore Village, which is located right outside of the Biltmore House area, and found this lovely pumpkin. Unfortunately, the little shop closed soon after we bought this pumpkin, but it's still a happy memory of a fun day spent together. 

Charlie Brown and Lucy

It's been a good weekend filled with pumpkins and Fall decor. Here's hoping you have had a great weekend, also, and that your week ahead is awesome....and no one pulls the football out from under you!

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Amy Johnson said...

Such cute fall decorations. I had to skip the fall decorating this year because I got a new kitten who gets into everything. Maybe next year when he's grown up a bit and not quite so playful.

Debbie Styles Life said...

How wonderful, though, that you have a new kitten, Amy! Enjoy that sweet kitty!!