Saturday, November 19, 2016

A Thanksgiving Tablescape for 2016

Happy Saturday before Thanksgiving everyone! I thought you might like to see the tablescape I put together on our dining table for the upcoming holiday. To be honest, I'm really ready to start Christmas decorating.......and I might have already put up a few Christmas decorations in our downstairs family room! Ha! But, Thanksgiving is too important a holiday to not enjoy. Reflecting on all we have to be thankful for is so important. So, even though there may be a few Christmas decorations here and there, I'll still be counting my blessings on Thanksgiving day, for sure. 

You'll notice a few elements from the foyer table have been moved to the dining table for this tablescape. I like using what I have on hand and these smaller wooden pumpkins provide both color and balance to the arrangement. There are still plenty of pumpkins on the foyer table, believe me!

My flowers from Mr.thisandthat are also still going strong and look beautiful in this pitcher on the table. I love it when flower arrangements have long life and this one certainly has. I always try to add the little packet of powder that comes with the flowers to the water in the vase. It seems to help the flowers last a long time. 

I like this table runner that I purchased at Target. It has a light edging of gold glitter that isn't showing in the photo. Just a hint of "sparkle" for the tablescape. The runner was wrinkled when I removed it from the packaging, though, so I tried to iron it and now I have some kind of sticky "guck" on my iron. I hope I can remove it easily. Any suggestions? I didn't iron the sparkly edges at all, so it isn't from that. Perhaps I had the iron too hot for this material? Always a sacrifice to be made for creative artistry, right?!

What do you like best about my Thanksgiving tablescape?  Are you getting ready for Thanksgiving? Are you like me and ready to decorate for Christmas? Hope you'll leave a comment. I love reading your thoughts!

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey
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Karen said...

That is beautiful Debbie! I love white pumpkins! I am trying to take one season at a time too! I am already feeling thankful for 4 days off from work. So much to be thankful for besides that. I wonder what that gunk is from on your iron. Look on pinterest for how to clean it. It's a wealth of information. Happy Thanksgiving!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen! I'll definitely check out Pinterest for help with cleaning my iron. Hope you enjoy those 4 days off!!

annies home said...

love your decorations, the cute pumpkins top it all off
come see us at

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

Very pretty table- I'm a big fan of flowers and pumpkins make it perfect.

julie Wunder said...

If you figure out the iron thing, let me know! Mine is messed up right now too.

Love your table this year! I'm getting some flowers from Trader Joes today! Yay!

Sharon said...

Lovely tablescape, Debbie! I have heard of two ways to clean sticky residue from an iron. I haven't tried either one, but I'll share what I've heard. The first is to rub a dryer sheet on the bottom of the iron. The other is to spread toothpaste over the bottom of the iron and then wipe it off with a dry, soft cloth. I would like to know what works for you, because when I sew I sometimes use an adhesive backed, iron-on interfacing. I just know there will be a time when I get it on my iron.