Thursday, November 3, 2016

Restyling A Dress With Leggings

Play It Again, Sam!

Happy Thursday, everyone! Today, I'm restyling a dress that you first saw on the blog way back in the early days of Debbiethisandthat. So, yes, even though it's a misquote from Casablanca....I am "playing it again, Sam" with this dress. 

Here is how I originally styled this lovely hot pink thrifted dress. You can read the original post here. Notice that in this pic the dress is styled for much warmer weather with bare arms and legs. The nice thing about today's restyle is that it fits the cooler Fall weather we are now having.

Adding the leggings adds extra warmth and comfort, while the black jacket adds a business like look to the style. Since I was presenting to the faculty at one of my schools today, sporting a more business like look was necessary.

And, oh, the comfort of this ensemble! I was able to move throughout my day with ease. No pinching or binding of tights or hosiery. I really do enjoy wearing leggings. My legs had the right amount of warmth and I just peeled off the jacket when it got warmer in the afternoon at school. 

Getting double duty out of a favorite dress just makes me want to play in the leaves like I was a kid again!

How about you?  Do you wear dresses with leggings?  And do you enjoy getting double duty out of articles of clothing you own?  And come on.....I'll bet you like to play in the leaves, don't you?  Come on and share with me.  I'll never tell!!  
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Karen said...

I really like how you styled this for fall Debbie. I have not yet been brave enough to wear leggings with dresses, but I have seen it a lot on others. My office is really formal, so I probably can't do it for work. I do wear leggings with tunics, and get a LOT of wear out of them due to our weather here in Ohio. I love the comfort factor of leggings, and love them with boots. You have inspired me to try this look, leggings with dresses. I also love that dress with the black jacket, looks very classy!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much, Karen, for your kind comments! Wearing leggings with dresses is kind of a new thing for me. But, I really have enjoyed giving this style a try. Leggings are really comfortable and don't bind like hose or tights do. Sometimes when I wear tights, I feel like a "trussed up turkey" all day! It's so uncomfortable, even though I like the look. I wouldn't wear leggings with all of my dresses, but the ones that are the right length work almost like a tunic. Have a great weekend!

Jacqui said...

Hi Deborah, I like how you've co-ordinated your leggings and jackets and how they complement the colour of the dress. It works really well.