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Five Ways to Spend Your Holiday and Voting Results

How I Spent Thanksgiving Break

Cornucopia Clip Art
Sounds like I'm about to write a book report, doesn't it?!  But, I promise I won't bore you with something like that. How about a photo dump of how I spent Thanksgiving? Sit back, relax, put your feet up and enjoy some photos of this and that from my holiday. And if you stick around 'till the end, I will reveal the voting results from my "red sweater" post. 

Walking At The Arboretum

Thanksgiving morning was a perfect time to enjoy a walk around the North Carolina Arboretum. The last time I was there I shared the Lego Exhibit. This time around, I saw their Christmas Light display. Of course, it was daytime so not as impressive as lights at night, but still fun to see. Here are some of the highlights.

Chasing Squirrels Out of the Bird Feeder

Actually, Mr.thisandthat did most of the chasing. Not literally you understand. He just kept trying to outsmart the squirrels by doing things like greasing the pole so they couldn't climb up. can see how well that worked!

"Look hands!"

Decorating The House For Christmas

Love my tabletop tree tucked in the corner of the living room. I decided to go with using some of my older ornaments this year rather than the Christmas balls I have used the last few years. I like to change things up sometimes. I like the two little elves I am using for toppers. They remind me of little knee hugger elves we had at my house when I was little. They seem to be popular again.

The tree skirt is a lovely needlepoint done by my mother-in-law. So pretty.

Our living room mantle. I am much more relaxed than I used to be with simply incorporating Christmas decorations with some of the decor I already use. For instance, I did not remove the picture in the middle of the mantle or the bear picture. I like these pieces and I think they go well with the Christmas decor. I did the same thing with the Christmas tree placement in the corner of our living room. It is next to a book shelf with a picture hanging on the wall behind it which I left in place and did not remove.  I realize some people may not like this look, but it works for me and my family and I like not having to try to find places to store objects until Christmas is over. The few objects from the mantle I did store away were small and easy to place in the Christmas tree box. When Christmas is over, I will just pull those items back out quickly before putting the tree back in the box. 

Cooking Veggie Soup

 Yes, we did have Turkey with all the trimmings. But, I also enjoy cooking soups and this is a recent pot of my "Veggie Dump" soup. I like dumping several canned veggies in the pot with my favorite canned tomatoes with garlic and basil. This soup is a quick, hot, delicious way to cook dinner in about 15 minutes. 

Serve with a side of cornbread and you have some good eating!

Watching The Sunset

Enjoyed this lovely scene from our kitchen window. How pretty is this?

Such a beautiful sky..... and that is how I spent my holiday. 

And The Results Are In

After checking the votes on the blog, Google+ and Facebook, the winning look out of the four sweater stylings, by a narrow margin, was the sweater worn with the pearls. All four looks got votes, though, showing that there are many ways to style an article of clothing that will appeal to a wide variety of tastes. For me, versatility is key to style!

And this was the look I wore to the concert! The jacket added needed warmth as it was a cold and windy evening. 
So...... Baba C you guessed correctly!

Your turn! How did you spend your Thanksgiving holiday? Hope you'll take a moment to share....I so enjoy your comments!

Until Next Time,

All photos on this post are property of debbiethisandthat and were photographed by Debbie.

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Karen said...

I end your pics Debbie! That tree skirt is a work of art, and the soup looks fabulous! After all the turkey and sides, I'm ready for some soup days! Thanks go the inspiration!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. My mother-in-law used to do lovely needlepoint pieces. Now, she sticks to doing beautiful knitting. Hope you enjoy some soup soon!

julie Wunder said...

What a wonderful Thanksgiving! Love the way the tree turned out. So much fun.
Hope the concert went well too. Your red sweater is perfection.