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Five Easy, Fun and Stress Free Christmas Tablescapes

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Easy Christmas Tablescapes

Happy Saturday, friends!  I hope no one is feeling stressed about the holidays. There is always so much to do at this time of year...decorating, gift buying and wrapping, parties to attend, extra church services, possibly mailing gifts if loved ones are far away. It goes on and on and on. This year I also added.....retirement to my list!  And, yes, believe it or not that does involve some stress as I try to finish up a 35+ year career!! Anyway, if figuring out a tablescape is one of your stresses, worry no more....I've got you covered in today's post! Five easy, fun and stress free tablescapes that can be pulled together in no time.

#1 A Florist Arrangement

OK, I had a little help with this one since I had a recent birthday and my oldest sister sent me this beautiful holiday arrangement. But, sometimes, a florist arrangement is the way to go. Pick it up yourself and it's cheaper than having it delivered. (And how lucious does that chocolate cake look for my birthday? I can attest that is was delicious!)

#2 Christmas Mugs and Small Tree

It doesn't get much easier than this. I simply used a Christmas placemat, added a couple of Christmas mugs, a Santa statue and a small live tree that I purchased at Home Depot for under 10 bucks. 

The cute mugs were Walmart purchases last year. Keep in mind, that all of the tablescapes I'm showing you today can be used on a dining table or on another smaller table that you have in your home where you would like to create a tablescape.

#3 Using Vases In Unique Ways

I have to admit that when I think of using a vase, my first thought is to put flowers in it. After all, that's what vases are for, right? But, if we let our imaginations work freely, then vases can be used in many ays. How about filling a clear vase with gold ball tree tensil and allowing some of it to "drip" over the edges. Then add some gold poinsettia picks and, for good measure, a couple of gold ornaments to the side. 

Nothing like a little sparkle to make your table shine!

#4 Using Unused Tree Ornaments

If you're like me, you many enjoy changing up the ornaments you use on the Christmas tree each year. That means that several favorite ornaments may go unseen for a season or two. Why not create a tablescape using those ornaments? I used a Christmas placemat, added a green fluted edge pie plate and filled it with gold Christmas ball tensil and musical ornaments. My husband and I are both musicians so over the years we have collected a lot of musical ornaments....mostly trumpets and violins, which are our instruments. Since I wasn't doing a musical tree this year, we can still enjoy seeing these ornaments on display. 

#5 Nativity Display

I have quite a few nativities and I enjoy putting them on display prominently during the Christmas season. I want them to be a main focus in my holiday decor. Christmas is about the birth of Christ and while the trees and other decorations are fun, the nativity is central, in my opinion, to the reason we celebrate Christmas. I actually have these on display on a side table in my living room, but moved them to the kitchen table for this tablescape. 

This white nativity was a wedding gift to Mr.thisandthat and I from a dear friend's mother. 

Love the little "box" nativity in the foreground. It closes. Behind, is a child's nativity.

This "Precious Moments" snowglobe nativity was a Colorado purchase two summers ago. I found it in a thrift shop! Behind, is an ornament nativity that I prefer to display on a table rather than on a tree.

So, there you have it!  Five easy, fun and stress free ways to create Christmas tablescapes this season. Everything I used, I already had on hand in the house....with the exception of the floral arrangement which was a gift to me. Don't stress over the holidays, dear readers. Enjoy the pleasures of home and family, use what you have on hand and remember the reason we celebrate....the birth of our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ! I hope your weekend is stress free and fun. Let me know which tablescape you like best? And what are your ideas for a stress free holiday season?  Please share....

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Karen said...

Great and truly stress-free ideas! That's such a great idea your sister had for your birthday. And happy birthday too! My favorite part of Christmas is family time. Keeping things simple allows us to focus on what Christmas is really about, I agree!

Carol @Comfort Spring Station said...

cute ideas, love the simplicity.