Wednesday, December 28, 2016

My Choice of Comfortable Hiking Wear for A Blue Ridge Parkway Trail

Disclaimer: I am not a hiking expert and this post is meant for entertainment purposes only, not to give advice on how to hike. Always check with your doctor before embarking on any exercise. I was not paid to promote the brand names mentioned in this post. All writing and opinions are my own.

Hike Wear I Chose for The Shut In Trail on the 

Blue Ridge Parkway

What does one wear when embarking on a hike on the Shut In Trail off the Blue Ridge Parkway?  I'll attempt to answer that question today, at least as it applies to me. For me, comfort and warmth is key!

Today's hike was really steep....not my favorite kind of hiking.  But, Mr.thisandthat assured me that it would only be about a twenty minute climb and then I would be rewarded with a fantastic view. So, trusting that "twenty minutes" wouldn't actually translate into thirty or forty minutes or more ( it has a few times in the past!!) I set off up the trail. 

The day was sunny, although a bit cool especially starting out, so I was glad to have worn my down-filled Mountain Hard Wear jacket. It provided just the right amount of warmth needed for this hike in the mountains. Isn't this rhododendron tunnel beautiful?! This was a very pretty hike. (Similar jacket here.)

Of course, I warmed up quickly as I climbed, but after a cool down period, I was still glad to have the warmth of this down jacket that I have worn and enjoyed for many years. My New Balance 680v2 shoes also kept my feet stable and comfy on this hike. There is nothing worse than being on a hike and not having comfortable shoes! No problem with these comfy shoes that I first shared on this post last summer. 

And, as promised, I was rewarded with fantastic views after I climbed to the top. 

I was all smiles knowing the hard climb was over.

And, my handsome hubby was glad to be able to snap some awesome pics of the view with his new camera lens.

I enjoyed posing for some pics, although the sun was in my eyes.

And then it was time to head back down the trail.

Certainly not the longest hike I've been on, but definitely the steepness made up for the length we hiked today. It felt good to share this time together in the great outdoors. I hope to do more hiking now that I have entered retirement. I believe that keeping my body moving with exercise will help me to keep moving as I age. 

It was "thumbs up" for a great hike! (Note the antennae in the background on top of the mountain. That mountain is "Mt. Pisgah" which was part of the original National Forest started by George Vanderbilt who built the famous Biltmore House and Gardens. These lands we were hiking on were originally part of his hunting lodge land.) For me, having the right clothing, shoes and equipment for hiking makes the whole experience more comfortable. I am no hiking expert, but have gone on many hikes with Mr.thisandthat over the years. My Mountain Hard Wear jacket and New Balance shoes kept me smiling today as I enjoyed a beautiful hike in the woods.

Things I make sure to have on hand when hiking:
sturdy shoes, warm clothing that can be layered for changing temperatures, water, snacks, hiking poles.....I also never hike alone in the woods

How about you?  What do you like to wear in the great outdoors? Do you enjoy hiking and/or taking walks?  Hope you will leave your thoughts.  I so enjoy hearing from you!

Until Next Time

Photography Credits:
William Ross

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Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

What a stunning view! And a beautiful surounding.

Andrea Nine said...

You two are absolutely adorable! My husband and I have hiked trails on the Blue Ridge Parkway and we absolutely adore to hike. We love to snowshoe too but all our snow has melted but more sure to be headed our way this winter. Happy new year beautiful!

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures! I camped in the Blue Ridge Mountains with my family as a child and have returned as an adult. What always stands out to me is the silence and peace. My dad was a big hiker and while we grumbled, I am tgank for the memories. I am a "walker" now, but still do occasional hikes. I just love being outside. The view at the end of your climb was spectacular! Thanks for sharing!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Nancy. It was a beautiful place to hike!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Andrea! I haven't snowshoed before. I'm not much of a "snow" person, but I do enjoy moderate hiking. Hope you have a Happy New Year!!

julie Wunder said...

What a beautiful view! I don't think I've done that trail before. Looks like you have the perfect gear too.
Congrats on the retirement!!!!