Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tea Time Tablescape with Keepsake Stories

Stories to Tell from my Tea Table

I've been meaning to do a Tea Time Tablescape post forever and decided that today was the day! As I was arranging my tea pieces on the tray, I began thinking that most of the pieces had a memory associated with them. So, as I show you each object, I will share the keepsake story with you. I arranged the tray on my ancient Singer treadle sewing machine. This sewing machine was originally owned by my mother and is a true keepsake for me. I can remember hearing the "whirring" sound of the treadle as my mother sewed clothes for my sisters and I. Later, she got an electric sewing machine. Wasn't quite the same, although easier for her to sew on! I now use the Singer machine cabinet for a variety of uses including plant stand right now....and tea table!

My pieces don't all match. And does it really matter? I like the cozy look of the mismatched pieces. The teapot was a wonderful thrifting find at Goodwill one day. What I love about this teapot is the lid which twists off to reveal a thermos like interior. Don't have to worry about keeping the water hot in this teapot! I also love it's compact size and the white color which goes with everything, including my mostly white dishes. When I saw this on the shelf at Goodwill, I grabbed it up quickly!

This lovely teacup and saucer are also thrifted and are recent finds. As previously mentioned, my dishes are mostly white and I was wanting to find a really beautifully decorated teacup to have as a "special" cup to drink from. I didn't need a whole set...just one will do. I loved the delicate flowers on the edge of the cup and the gold rim.

The saucer was a separate find on that same thrifting excursion. The teacup and saucer aren't a "set" but I do believe they compliment each other beautifully! 

You just may also see this teacup and saucer displaying a silk flower arrangement in the future!

This sweet little tea bag/spoon holder is a memento from one of my summertime trips to Colorado. I have another one that has blue flowers on it, but I decided to use this one with the kittens today. I use these tea bag holders every single day and love them! I always remember the store these came from when I use them and I try to go there each time I go to Colorado. Last year, being the BIG TIME blogger that I am (spoken facetiously), I decided to try to get some of the shop keepers to possibly work with me. I called or emailed a few beforehand....and got no replies...Ahem!  I did not call this particular store beforehand, so when I was shopping in the store I struck up a conversation with the clerk, who I believe was also the owner. As I was checking out I told her that I was a blogger and we had a nice conversation, although I wasn't offered any "opportunities." As I was leaving, though, one of the other clerks smiled at me and said that she had overheard us talking and liked that I was into clogging!  We both had a good laugh when I explained I was talking about blogging....not clogging! 

This sweet creamer evokes such a happy memory for me.  A couple of months ago my friend, Sharon, and I went on an excursion to Antique Tobacco Barn which is a local antiques shop. It is literally an old tobacco barn filled with antiques and collectibles of all kinds. From furniture to dishes to books to you name it...this place has it! I love looking at all of the "old" pieces and wondering about the people who originally owned and used them. I also see things, though, that I used to see growing up so I guess that means I am now officially an antique! Sharon and I wandered up and down the aisles and I really didn't expect to buy anything that day. I was just there to enjoy looking. But then, about five minutes before we were ready to leave, I reached the last corner of the barn where there was an antique hutch filled with different patterns of dishes. I opened the door of the hutch to get a better look and there was this sweet creamer. I instantly was attracted to the blue flowers and rim against the white background. I hemmed and hawed for a few minutes as to whether I should buy it or not and then gave in and I am so glad I did! This piece makes me happy each time I look at it. The bottom of the creamer has Honiton Pottery Devon, England written on it. I found Honiton Pottery online but could not find this exact piece. I also checked eBay, but couldn't find the exact piece. If anyone out there knows more about Honiton, I would be interested to know more about this pottery. I chose the blue and white short vase to go beside this piece as the sugar bowl. I don't remember how I came to have this vase, but I think it is pretty and matches well enough with the creamer to look good. 

So there you have my Tea Time Tablescape and a few keepsake stories for good measure. Wish you could join me in person for a "spot of tea." Do you ever watch the British show on PBS called, "Keeping Up Appearances?" I get such a kick out of Hyacinth, the main character, not wanting certain people to drink out of her "Royal Doulton teacups with hand painted periwinkles." I promise that if you were here for tea, I would let you drink out of my special tea cup!

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Lay said...

I love this, Debbie! First, I instantly thought of my mother's teapot and teacups that she displayed on her hutch (and now I do) and used to serve tea to her lifelong bridge friends. I remember her searching for matching cups and saucers at various antique stores. Your blog evoked such precious memories! Second, your writing created a mental image of the ritual of drinking tea in which I have never participated on a daily basis. I have promised myself for years that I will replace my coffee ritual with tea for my health's sake and have yet to do so. Your blog today has given me just the inspiration I need along with the sweet idea of using my mother's tea cups. Thank you!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hey Laura: I'm so glad that my post evoked happy memories for you of your mother's tea set. I hope you enjoy a "tea time" soon! I have to say, that as I was writing this post, I was also remembering our retreat when each of us brought a tea cup to display. Wonderful memories!

Syncopated Mama said...

I love your eclectic little collection!

Sharon said...

Debbie, your post this morning is just "my cup of tea". I really enjoyed seeing your tablescape and reading about all the individual pieces and your memories of them. Some of my favorite things are the old treadle sewing machines, so your use of your machine cabinet for your tablescape was the perfect finishing touch for me! Such a lovely post!

Karen said...

I love the idea of using things with meaning! (and I love the flow blue little sugar pot!) Such a great idea to do this with special pieces. Doing things like this elevate 'tea time', coffee time or any time. I love just looking at pieces with special meaning!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Lisa. That's a great word for my collection--eclectic! Hope you will visit often.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon! I love that treadle machine because of the memories and its association with my childhood!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. And now I have a memory associated with my sugar pot/vase. I'll remember that you especially liked that piece!