Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Spring Dresses and Accessories

I'll Be Your Personal Shopper!

(Not a sponsored or gifted post)
Hello there, everybody!  Yes, I'm still a bit under the weather, but that doesn't stop me from thinking about Spring styles and accessories. So, while I won't be modeling particular outfits, I will act as your personal shopper and point out some outfits and accessories I think are really cute. You're welcome, by the way! I'm not doing this as a paid or gifted post, at all. These are just outfits I like. Let's just forget, for the moment, that snow is forecast for Friday, shall we? Let's get this shopping spree going!  First off, let's head to Stein Mart. 

Florals are huge this Spring and these two dresses are just as cute as can be.  And the price isn't bad for either dress at $49.99!

Tile prints are also in vogue--again at $49.99! I love the cool blues and greens.

This striped dress is adorable!  It's called a "swing dress."  And, I swear the pink sheath on the right looks like we're bringing back the 70's.  I know I had a dress similar to this back then!  At $34.99, both of these dresses are super affordable!

These stripes in blue are really cute. The one on the right has a bit of a more tailored look that I like. Not bad for either, in the $40 range.

And, speaking of the 1970's,  jumpsuits are back!  Love the sparkly top with tie belt and wide legs on this jumpsuit for just $49.99!

Here is the link to Stein Mart where I found these beauties, if you want to look more. 

Ok, we've got the dresses, now let's look at some handbags and shoes from Target

Cross Body Bags Bueno Multi-colored Floral

Women's Pink Floral Crossbody Handbag - Mossimo™
Again, florals are big this season in handbags.  These are in the $30-$35 dollar range.  Looks like fringe clip-ons are still in vogue. 

Women's Small Crossbody Handbag - Merona™
Oh my, I'm loving this pretty blue at $24.99! 

Women's Crossbody Handbag with Chain - Merona™
Now, this is more like it, at $16.99!  I really prefer to pay under $20 for purses. Bonus points if it's under $15!  OK, now let's get some shoes to go with these outfits!

Women's Poppy d'Orsay Flat Pointed Toe Ballet Flats - Merona™
These look like they would be comfy, but not sure. I like the pastel pink and the flat heel. I'm going for the flats these days! Not a bad price at Target for $22.99.

Women's Carolina Double Band Block Heel Slide Sandals - Who What Wear™
Block heels are in vogue, and these come in different colors.  
Priced at $32.99. 

Women's Premier Tall Rain Boots - Grey 9
Cute rain boots for $20.98!  These would go with just about any casual look. 

Women's Harriet Lace Up Heeled Quarter Strap Sandals - Merona™

OK, I probably couldn't wear these comfortably, but a girl can dream, right?!  Now, how cute are these?! The price is right at $29.99!

Women's Soho Cobbler Druzy Block Heel Laser Cut Suede Gladiator Sandals

This style is really in right now and has the fashionable block heel that is so popular. These are a bit pricey, in my opinion, at $64.99!

OK, ladies, did you see some things you like?  How do you like having me as a personal shopper? Which was your favorite dress, purse or shoe? Hope you'll leave me a message. I'm going a little stir-crazy not getting out much, but I'm still in recuperation stage. Hope you are well and enjoying your Wednesday!

Until Next Time,
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Gotta love some shopping therapy!

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Sharon said...

My choices are that blue purse and those cute rain boots!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Yes, I like those two items, also. The florals are growing on me, though! Thanks, Sharon!

Karen said...

This is a treasure trove of ideas! I saw so much that I like. Love the first fit and flare dress. I like the tailored styles best. Love all the purses. Love the sandals with the ties. Since they are trendy I'm looking for an inexpensive pair, but I like them a lot! I would wear a lot of those dresses! Glad you are feeling a little better. That was a nasty illness. Someone at work is still out, going on 2 1/2 weeks. We are having snow tonight too, boooooooo. Nicer on the weekend think. I'm so ready for spring! !

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: Glad you like the styles I chose. It was fun looking and dreaming! I'm sorry the person at work has been out so long. It took my husband 3 weeks to get over it and I'm at the two week point today. This has been ridiculous! Yes, I say boooo to snow, too!

Andrea Nine said...

What gorgeous spring dresses Debbie!!! Hope you are feeling much better!!

Amy Johnson said...

Such great pics! There is nothing I don't love!