Monday, June 12, 2017

How To Incorporate Veggies (and fruits) At Every Meal

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(I am not a dietitian or nutritionist and this is not a sponsored post. All writing/opinions are my own.)

Think you can't eat vegetables for breakfast? Think again! I'm going to give you some ideas today for how to incorporate veggies (and fruits) into every meal of the day! 

Breakfast can be a tough one for incorporating veggies.  However, I have grown to love sauteed spinach and tomatoes over my eggs in the morning. Sometimes I saute the little grape tomatoes and sometimes I use canned Italian diced tomatoes. I saute the spinach in olive oil and some onion powder and then add in the tomatoes. Delicious! And, yes, technically tomatoes are a fruit. So I am having a little fruit and veg on my morning eggs!

Now, let's move on to lunch! How about a delicious veggie pizza? We like ours with lots of broccoli, tomato, onion, mushrooms, and banana peppers.

Or sometimes we go for spinach, green pepper and black olives. Either way is OK. We like to go light on the cheese and pile on the veggies. 

Now, although I'd love to eat pizza for lunch every day, I know I can't! So to get in my veggies I might opt for a great spinach salad. I like to add in chopped up almonds, apples and Craisins for a great taste sensation.

I like the reduced sugar variety of Craisins. If you've never tried these, I highly recommend it! Craisins are dried cranberries with the texture of a raisin. They really add delicious flavor to my spinach salads. If I don't have Craisins, I throw in some raisins. Still a great flavor topped with my balsamic vinegar and olive oil homemade dressing. 

Now, I don't know if you're like me or not....but, I tend to rely on certain tried and true vegetables at dinner time. Sometimes, I think I'm going to turn into green beans and potatoes! So, I like to hunt for variety in the types of dinner vegetables we eat and the ways I prepare them. These vegetable skewers were a hit for dinner recently! 

So delicious and easy to make! I simply soaked the wooden skewers beforehand in water and then poked the skewers through grape tomatoes, green peppers and mushroom pieces that I had cut into bite size pieces. I used my Caphalon stove top grill pan sprayed with a little olive oil and drizzled some additional olive oil over each skewer. The veggies came out soft and were grill marked to perfection. Served with tilapia over a bed of rice, this was a tasty meal!

And now, let's talk dessert! What?! Can we get our veggies in our desserts? You bet, if you are eating this delicious zucchini cake! I can't take credit for this amazing cake as it is made by my sister, Sharon. She makes this for me every time I come home to visit in West Virginia and it is such a treat! Mmmmm....wish I had a big old piece right now!

Guess I'll have to opt for my tried and true fruit salad!

So, there you have it! Veggies (and fruits) for breakfast, lunch, dinner and...even dessert! I try to get in my fruits and veggies every day. But, I have to admit that I sometimes fail. I love all types of foods and have a MAJOR sweet tooth! So each day presents a new challenge to me to make healthy food choices. How about you? How do you incorporate vegetables (and fruits) into each meal? Anybody got a great recipe for spinach cookies?

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Karen said...

All of this looks wonderful Debbie! I have no problem whatsoever eating vegetables at any time of the day - I love them! I can see any of these things working for dinner too, even the eggs. I could live on fruits and vegetables (and Cheetos, just keeping it real!). Thanks for all the good ideas. I see one of those pizzas in my future for Friday's dinner after a L O N G week at work! : )

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. I hope you enjoy that pizza on Friday! I'm still looking for that recipe for spinach cookies!! (Wink, wink)