Thursday, June 29, 2017

A Surprise Introduction

Introducing.....A New Family Member
Hello Everyone! I'm excited today to introduce our newest family member! Please meet "Frisky Furmat Ross" our new kitten that we adopted two days ago from the Asheville Humane Society. He is a chunk of sweetness.
We wanted to wait a respectful amount of time, after losing Gracie, before getting another cat. Our house felt so empty, though, that we needed to go ahead with a new kitty. Our pets are never "replacements," because you can't replace a family member. They are "additions" to our family. We feel like we have Gracie's blessing with this little guy.
Because it has been seventeen years since we brought Groucho and Gracie home as kittens, we have forgotten just how small kittens are! We are told that this little guy is five months, but we are wondering if he might actually be younger. His behaviors are really young. He cries some when he wakes up and makes little noises when he eats. He was up and down the first night we had him but last night he slept well through the night.
Needless to say, we are enamored with this little guy. We kind of surprised ourselves picking out a boy. He came to us immediately when we entered the kitten room at the shelter and climbed up on both of our laps without hesitation. He is a real snuggler! We have debated names back and forth but finally settled on Frisky. His middle name is a play on the famous mathematician, Fermat. We just changed the spelling to Furmat. (Wink, wink). As proud fur parents we just know he will be the smartest cat around! If you are curious to know more about Pierre de Fermat, the mathematician, you can read about him here

So what's new in your life? Big upcoming plans for the 4th? Hope you will take a moment to let me know. And please remember to recommend to all your friends! Follow me on Google+ and Facebook. Sign up for blog posts by email so you never miss a post! 

Until Next Time,

"Shhhhh....Frisky's sleeping....."

*Photography be William Ross. All photos property of


Lay said...

What a handsome little guy you have there! Welcome to the Ross family, Frisky!!! You won the lottery with this family and it sounds like you are a purr-fect (I couldn't resist!) fit. Debbie, I am so happy for you and Bill. I know too well how empty a house can feel without a pet. I'm sure Gracie would not only approve, but would rejoice in your comfort and joy.

Our Maisy will be traveling with Doug and me to middle TN (Dickson, near Nashville) to celebrate my sister-in-law's retirement from a career in education. Her last day of school is tomorrow (year around school). We will also be celebrating the Fourth of July with them as well as visiting friends and my nearby hometown. A very special event will be having lunch and visiting the cemetery with one of my deceased brother's best friends. I have not seen her since she attended his 17th and last birthday celebration in March of 1978. Doug and I will also spend a day with my best friend from high school and her husband at their lake home. Kayaking will be involved, weather permitting!

Thanks for sharing your new fur baby with us!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks so much, Laura, for your sweet comments! We are happy with Frisky. I just hope he continues to sleep well at night! Sounds like you have some awesome plans for the 4th and beyond! Have a wonderful and safe time with your family and friends!

Andrea Nine said...

Awww, Frisky is Precious!!!! He's got the BEST mama in you!! Wishing you lovely long 4th weekend sweet lady!!

julie Wunder said...

AWWWWWW!!!! What a cutie!!!!! I love that name too. Congratulations!!!

Sharon said...

What a precious little one complete with little white paws! Frisky is one lucky kitten to be in your home with the loving care he will receive from you and Mrthisandthat. These photos bring a smile to my face!

Karen said...

This is happy news Debbie!! Congratulations on your new addition! He is just precious!