Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Summer Casual Style to Beat the Heat and Nail Art

Styled To Beat The Heat

How do you beat the summer heat? How about with a colorful filmy top and crisp white capri leggings. This style is casual and cool and pleasing to the eye in my opinion. 

The nice thing about this tunic top, besides the vibrant pink color, is the lightweight feel of the fabric against your skin. The pink against the white is a bold contrast of color that just says "Summer!" I'll list brand names at the end of this post. 

This top is also extra long in the back to give nice coverage. You can see this top has a liner with the filmy top attached to it. Sleeveless tops have not always been my choice, so this is an example of risk taking with style for me. I like this look, though, and it's fun to play with new styles. Fashion should be fun, don't you think? 

And I'm truly loving these new gladiator style sandals! I have admired this style for awhile but decided I didn't like the ties that some gladiator shoes have on them. This style has a zipper up the back for ease of putting them on and the criss-cross straps are soft and comfortable to my feet. One thing I always look for with sandals is whether or not the soles are flexible. I cannot stand sandals that don't flex when I walk. These soles are very flexible. They also have some cushioning on the foot bed, although more would be better, but that is hard to find with this style. If you look closely at my right foot you can see my purple fourth toe which I stubbed a couple of days ago. I don't think I broke it, but it is sore and sure is black and blue! Don't ask how I managed to stub my fourth's really ridiculous....but it involved trying to kill a spider in my bathroom! My husband says the spider is laughing with glee! ( Spider one....Debbie zero!)

You can't see my hands in the other pictures so I'm showing you how I am experimenting with nail art. These are nail stickers by Kiss that you simply peel from a sheet and apply to your nails.

I decided to put clear nail polish on my nails first, then applied the nail stickers and followed with a coat of clear polish over top of the stickers. I like this look but think the stickers might pop more if I put a color on my nails other than clear. I'll try that next time!

I picked up the nail stickers at either a drugstore or a Dollar Store. I can't remember which, but they are available at both type stores. When you take off the nail polish with remover the stickers come off as well. 

Do you like to have fun with fashion by trying new things? Hope you will leave me a comment and let me know. How was your 4th of July holiday? Mine was pretty quiet. Frisky and I watched "A Capital Fourth" on PBS and I did my nails. This place was really rockin'! The Mr. was off playing a 4th of July concert. 

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Shopping for a similar look? Here's where I found my look. (Not a sponsored post)

Top: Tunic by "Cupio" purchased at Stein Mart
Capri: "No Nonsense" brand purchased at Walmart
Sandals: "Michelle" style by SM at K-Mart


Karen said...

I love this outfit Debbie!! The top is beautiful, and the extra length in the back is perfect. I also like that it is sheer, which makes it so summery! It looks great with the white capris. Those sandals, just love them. I got some of the lace up ones this summer, and would still like a pair like yours. I'll bet you feel great wearing this! Hope your toe heals soon. I know there's not much you can do when that happens. I just detest spiders.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Karen. I do really like this outfit so much. It just all clicked together for me. My toe is improving each day so far. Thanks for caring! Hope you enjoyed the 4th and are having a good week.