Sunday, July 2, 2017

4th of July Foyer Table and Dollar Store Crafts

Fourth of July Spectacular On The Blog!

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You're getting more bang for your buck today as I share a lot of spectacular home decor and DIY crafting with you. There might even be another picture of our cute new kitty at the end, so don't go away too soon! Let's start with the foyer table.
I wanted to create a foyer table look that gave a nod to the 4th of July, but also that would contain items that could be used for other purposes as well. You know I like to use items for multiple purposes! I think I got it right with the cute butterfly candle holder and watering can that I picked up on clearance today at A.C. Moore. The table cover was a fabric swatch that A.C. Moore was selling for one dollar. I picked up some Christmas fabric while I was at it. I also got the cute red, white and blue ball picks that I placed in the watering can. Everything you see in the pic came from A.C. Moore except for the red and blue star candles which I picked up a few weeks ago at the Dollar Store. I knew they would come in handy for the 4th!
For the bottom tier I used my 4th of July Welcome sign that you saw on the front porch for last year's 4th of July decoration.
Here it is all together. I like having the candle light on the foyer table. I have started using only the battery operated candles because I don't need to worry about an open flame. Now, let's move on to some craft projects I have been creating.
I recently created this wreath using a foam wreath from the Dollar Store and some ribbon I already owned.
I simply wrapped the ribbon around the wreath making sure to overlap a little. I had used this ribbon for other things and had about three lengths. When I came to the end of one length I would use a straight pin to secure the end and just start wrapping the next length. Nothing could be easier!
The completed wreath is now hanging in our hallway. I used a final length of the ribbon to add a simple bow. Not my best bow, but it looks fine for the hallway display. And now, let's go to the front porch to see another Dollar Store craft.
I wanted to add some color to our front porch table and this cute flower arrangement was quick and easy to make.
The "vase" for this arrangement is a paper clip holder from the Dollar Store.
The round floral foam fits exactly in the paperclip holder. I couldn't believe my luck!
See? It's a perfect fit! All I needed to do was remove the plastic from the floral foam and stick in the silk flowers I picked out. I bought a "bush" and cut each stem down to size using wire cutters.
The result is a pretty floral arrangement that adds a nice accent to our front covered porch. I purposely chose flower colors that will take us easily through Summer and well into Fall. If you have never shopped for craft items at the Dollar Store I urge you to do so. It's an inexpensive way to create pretty home decor. I always get a good feeling from displaying something in my home that I made myself! And now, for the final piece de resistance.....
It's Frisky!!  I couldn't resist adding in a photo of our little guy. Who couldn't love that little face?!  We're having a fun time getting to know him. We took a little trip to the vet today just to make sure he was doing OK and the vet confirmed that he is definitely younger than 5 months as we suspected. It's hard to know for sure, but the vet estimated he is around 3 months or so. He is definitely adding some livelihood to our home! In fact he is walking over the keyboard as I try to write this. Could it be that we have yet another Cat Blogger in the family? I do believe that Gracie may have had a hand in sending us this particular cat!

Now, it's your turn to talk! Are you doing any crafts? Did you decorate for the 4th? Hope you will leave me a message and share your thoughts. And I hope you enjoyed seeing my 4th of July Decor and home crafts today. 

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Karen said...

I always enjoy seeing how you've decorated your foyer table! You have a knack for crafts! I love making things too, and should do it more often. The bow on your wreath turned out very well, I think. I have a hard time with bows! Always make my own wreaths though. One of my favorites is made from shells and small finger starfish. No bow!😉 Little Frisky is adorable!! It's so entertaining to watch animals play! Way better than tv! I'm looking forward to his blog posts when he masters typing!

Susan said...

I love your crafty ideas. Thanks for sharing. Frisky is adorable!
Happy Independence Day!

Sharon said...

i always enjoy seeing how you have decorated your foyer table, Debbie. I love what you did this time for the upcoming holiday. I also enjoyed seeing how you made your wreath. I hope Frisky will follow in Gracie's footsteps as an ace reporter and blogger. I always liked reading her posts written from a cat's perspective.

Mary K. said...

Frisky is such a cutie, who can resist him! And your foyer is so lovely, full of patriotic cheer!