Monday, October 16, 2017

Things To Do On A Weekend

Weekend Fun

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Happy Monday Y'All!  How about a recap of how I spent my weekend? Specifically, how I spent Saturday. It was a pretty fun day with several different activities to keep the Mr. and I busy. The pic of me above is from the Tour of Homes we went to in the later afternoon. But, let's start from the beginning, shall we?

The day began early at the Pumpkin Patch of my church. My church hosts an annual Fall Festival for the community each year. Aren't these pumpkins unique?!

Lots of "regular" pumpkins, too!

The Fall Festival boasted free food, a bake sale, crafts and a bouncy house for the kids.

And lots of good music, including my husband's brass quintet. 

That's the Mr. holding onto his music. It got a little windy while the group was playing! His group plays for this event each year.

After they were done performing, we headed out to lunch at a favorite local Mexican restaurant called, El Que Pasa. If you live in the Asheville area, give this place a try. It's muy delicious!!

After lunch, Mr.thisandthat and I headed out to tour a house featured in the Parade of Homes, which is held yearly around this time in Asheville. We aren't looking to buy a new house. We just enjoy getting inspiration and ideas from the homes we tour. Having renovated three homes over the years, keeping up with the latest building trends is always helpful.

I really appreciated the stonework, shutters and colors used on the facade of this recently built home.

Let's walk through this pretty blue front door and have a look around.

This is looking from the dining area into the living room area. The kitchen is to the right. Everything is very open in this house. So fresh and updated looking, isn't it? Love those shiny wood floors!

This is the formal dining room, although it was staged as an office. Guess this room could be used for either. I love, love, love those French doors!  We had French doors on our dining room entrance when we moved into our present home and the Mr. removed them because he said they blocked the entrance too much. Booo!!! (I want my French doors back!)

The master bedroom was quite large. Each bedroom was staged with beautiful bedding.

Take a look at the great soaking tub in the corner of the master bath.

I liked the green and white color scheme used in this smaller bedroom. The silver lamps add just the right touch. There is also lots of light coming in. 

I really like the pretty headboard in this third bedroom. And how unique are those bedside stands? 

There was even a fourth bedroom/bath on the upper level which we assumed would be used as guest quarters. What a nice addition guest quarters would be to a house, yes?

My favorite part of this new house, though, was this extra big walk in closet!  Love the space in here. We don't have a walk in closet in any of our bedrooms. Guess that's a good thing. Makes me keep the clothes to a reasonable minimum! You know what the best part of Saturday was, though?

Heading back to our own home! Nice as the home tour was, there truly is no place like your own home! As the sign in our family room says....

It was a pretty good weekend, all in all.  How about you?  Did you do anything fun this weekend?

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Sharon said...

What a wonderful Saturday! I've never been to a fall fair where there was music. It must have been a treat to hear Mr. This and That's brass quintet. I didn't make it to the Parade of Homes this year, so it was nice for me to experience it vicariously through your blog post. It was nice to see a staged home instead of one that was empty of furniture and accessories. Thanks for sharing your lovely day!

Karen said...

I really enjoyed your tour start to finish! The church pumpkin patch looks like a great time. I remember going to one of those in NC with my grandson many years ago so this brought back a very happy memory! Isn't that house just so pretty!!? I love the open concept downstairs with all the light! Just beautiful! And of course, everything being so new and clean/uncluttered makes it really attractive! It looks relaxing. Not a lot of distractions going on, yet very pretty things to look at! I did do a fun thing this weekend! Each year in the fall my sister and I drive to Indiana to meet three sisters we met when we were camping with our families when I was 12 and my sister was 14! Let's just say it's been 50+ years of a friendship and we are all in the same age group! We stay at a state park in the lodge and go shopping, out to eat, and just sit and gab! Such fun! Fall weekends are so pretty aren't they? You live in such a beautiful area of NC!

Susan said...

Enjoyed you sharing the Parade of Homes. Always thought about doing that sometime! The rest of your day looked like fun too! You know how to make the most of a fall day!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Glad you liked the post, Sharon!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen. Glad you enjoyed the post. How wonderful that you and your friends get together like that! I know you enjoyed your time together

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Susan. I think you would enjoy Parade of Homes. It is on next weekend, as well.

Jacqui said...

I really enjoyed your post, and looking at your homes tour. I live in England, and we don't have anything like that really - the nearest would be showhomes, where the developer of new housing developments styles up one of the houses to try to encourage buyers. I love looking at interiors, and it's interesting to see American houses. Seeing the pumpkins brought back memories too of visiting my uncle in the Finger Lakes, NY state. We saw quite a few pumpkin fields, and pumpkins being sold along the road too. Thank you for a feelgood post!