Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Changes in the Weather, Foyer and other Things

A Few Changes

Oh my goodness, what is going on with the weather?! In my last post, I was waxing poetic about the warmer temps and today this is the view out my window! I drove home from bell choir practice last night in a raging wind with blowing snow all around me. Luckily, the snow was not sticking to the roads as I drove. While this is not the many inches of snow I know some of you are getting, it still is a BIG change from the weather we have been experiencing and the 80's we are supposed to have tomorrow. Change....we can't escape it, can we?!

The foyer table went through another change up of decor recently. I decided to go for more of a cat theme this time. It looks a bit bare to me, although I like all of the pieces displayed. Perhaps I need to find a few more cat themed items?

Such a sweet piece with the angel holding a cat. 

I found this cat on a spool at an antique store. Don't think it is an antique, but it's cute!

I loose arranged some Spring-like silk flowers in a Longaberger basket and placed it on the floor by the foyer table. The basket matches with the wooden pieces on the foyer table and softens the look of the wooden shoe shelf to the right. 

The foyer table had actually taken a trip to our lower foyer area by the family room. I left it there for a few days, but I just wasn't happy with the lack of warmth in the foyer. I missed my little table decorations too much, so back up the steps it came! We'll just have to live with the foyer table and the shoe shelf all together in one space! It's hard when the foyer serves as both a welcoming space and the mud room of the house! Sometimes, changes aren't so good and need to be changed back to the way things were!

I recently changed something back to the way it was on the blog. Perhaps you noticed. I had joined Bloglovin' and had a "follow me on Bloglovin" sign up on the sidebar. I didn't feel I was generating much traffic from Bloglovin,' however, and although I did have a few genuine followers from there, I was also getting what I believe were spam followers. I don't understand this and I couldn't seem to find a way to delete the spam followers even though I tried to research it online. To make a long story short, I deleted my Bloglovin' account. I apologize if you followed me through Bloglovin' and no longer find my blog there. You can always find my blog by typing in the url address; I guess I figure if folks really want to read my blog it isn't that much trouble to type in the url address. I guess I'm old fashioned that way! I'm just tired of the anonymous comments that make no sense and have nothing whatsoever to do with a post I've written and the "followers" I get whose reply addresses begin with "sexy."  I'm not techie enough to know if somehow they follow me in order to try and get clicks or use my bandwidth somehow or do it just to annoy. If anyone out there understands how to deal with this or what the purpose is behind some of these annoying comments/followers (not all related to Bloglovin' by the way) please share! 

On a happier note, I'm planning to "Run for the Paws" this coming weekend! This is a big change for me because I have never participated in a race before! I'm actually not running, but participating in the one mile fun walk portion of the 5K race. But, it is still an exciting challenge for me! I plan to have hubby take pictures and I hope to do a whole post dedicated to the race. Run for the Paws is sponsored by Brother Wolf which is the shelter where we found our sweet Cassie. They are a local "no kill" animal shelter and they do great work so I'm happy to support them!

So tell me, are there any changes happening in your life? Hope you'll take a moment to comment!

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Karen said...

That view Debbie, snow or not, it's gorgeous! I can see the very pale green in the trees where the new buds are coming out, just beautiful. We are having snow here too, no surprise, but this has been the coldest April in recent memory. I keep a garden journal and last year had already cut my grass twice by this time. This year it's not even growing yet (but those weeds are...) Had to rescue the daffodils the other day before the snow and temps in the 20's came again. I just really, really want spring weather and would even happily skip right into summer at this point! Your foyer table is always so cute! Love the cat theme, and the flowers do definitely look like spring has arrived! Good luck in your fun run, it will be fun to see pictures of that. Running to support a shelter is a wonderful thing to do (or walking, any part of it)! Your Cassie is such a pretty little thing! I'm not experiencing any changes right at the moment, but it's been one of those things lately where you feel change is coming, do you know what I mean? It's almost like a feeling of something on the horizon and it feels encouraging. Not sure what it will be or when it will happen, but something is in the air. (Maybe it's spring!)

Clearissa said...

Very cute little table and good luck on your walk.

Sharon said...

I always enjoy seeing how you change your foyer decor. Those are some of my favorite posts. Just like you and Karen, I'm ready for consistent spring weather. I want to put those sweaters and coats away for the season. It's great that you are doing the fun run for Brother Wolf. Good luck with it; I'll look forward to your upcoming post on the event.