Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Running for the Paws-My First Race

Walking A Mile in their Paws

If you like dogs then today's post is for you. There's going to be lots and lots of dog photos! I participated this past Sunday in the "Run for the Paws" 5K fundraiser sponsored by Brother Wolf, a no-kill animal shelter that does great work in the Asheville area. That is the shelter where we found our sweet cat, Cassie. Although Cassie opted not to go to the race in person, she was cheering me on from atop her perch at home!

Pet owners were encouraged to bring their dogs to run or walk with them and we saw dogs of every shape, size and variety at this race!

There were even dogs in strollers!  How cute.  These dogs were older or had a disability that didn't allow them to run. But, there were also younger dogs in strollers as well. 

This guy wanted Mr.thisandthat to get his best side for the photo, so he made sure to pose for us!

There was so much camaraderie among the pet lovers who participated. It was fun to talk to people and interact with all the dogs. I wonder why no cats chose to be there? (wink)

The dogs were just sooo excited and happy to be there! Can't you just guess what this dog is communicating to the owner? "This is GREAT Mom! Thanks for bringing me!"

I participated in the one mile Fun Walk/Run that took place before the 5K race began. I knew I would get a T-shirt but I didn't know that I would be given a bib with a number on it! That made me feel extra special being a part of the race! Mr.thisandthat got a pic at the start line. The crowd gave a cheer and we were off!

Here I am being cheered on as I cross the finish line. They didn't run the race clock for the one mile only for the 5K. 

This sweet lady cheered everyone as they finished! They made you feel like a million bucks for walking a mile!

Thumbs up for a great finish!

And, I got the T-shirt!

The event also included a festival with tents from various pet groups and food trucks. There was even a photo booth for dogs! 

And, there were puppies available for adoption! We might have held a couple puppies. (wink) Cassie made us promise that we would not come home from this event with a dog and so we kept that promise. (This time)

There was even a princess there wearing a crown! You know how much I love tiaras!

And my sweetie and I took a selfie. 

There were so many reasons that this day was special. First and foremost, I wanted to give back to the group that had taken our fur girl in when she was on the streets and pregnant, allowed her to have her kittens and then cared for her until we walked through the door, took one look at her and decided to take her to her forever home with us. That in itself is huge to me. 

Beyond that reason, though, is the fact that I took a risk and did something so far outside of my comfort zone. It wasn't the walking a mile part that was a challenge for me, because I routinely walk that distance and have done more with the Mr. on the trails. It was the fact that I did it in a race format in a BIG crowd of people! And there were race numbers and special T-shirts! It was the fact that I set a goal for myself and achieved it. It felt really good. And the cheering was pretty awesome, also! Wouldn't it be great if every time you achieved a goal you had people cheering and clapping for you?!

You know, setting goals for yourself and taking risks can come in all shapes and sizes, just like these dogs. It doesn't have to be something huge or earth shattering to constitute a goal in your life. And knowing that my participation in this race helps other dogs, cats and animals who have suffered through hunger, homelessness or abuse really means a lot to me. 

And, I do believe that Cassie's proud of me and that makes me smile!

What races are you running in your life right now? What goals or safe risk taking are you planning for your future? I can't wait to hear from you!

Until Next Time,              
"I'm proud of you, Love!"

*All photography in this post by William Ross


Sharon said...

What a great post, Debbie! I loved seeing the pictures of you participating as well as all the photos of the dogs. Congratulations on your finish!

Karen said...

What a fun post!! Great job Debbie!! The face on the Newfoundland...SO sweet!!!! I love dogs!

julie Wunder said...

Ohhh Debbie!!! I'm so glad you did this!! There is something special about getting out of your comfort zone and doing something like this. I love local races for all the reasons you mentioned. I'm so glad you did this and had fun. Congrats!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon. It was a happy day!

Debbie Styles Life said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the post, Karen. Those dogs were pretty sweet!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks for the congrats, Julie! I've enjoyed reading all of your racing posts over the years. Looking forward to next year's race already!