Sunday, November 18, 2018

Zebra Stripes With A Hint of Pink

Adding A Touch Of Pink To Zebra Stripes

Are you doing a double take and thinking, "Debbie has already styled this top?" You are correct. However, this time I'm styling it in the daylight so you can see it better and asked my awesome photographer husband to shoot the photos! I'm also showing how an outfit that is mostly black can benefit from adding just a hint of pink. Can't see the pink yet? You will!

The first hint of pink comes from my anniversary ring on my left hand. 

And then another hint of pink from my tanzanite ring on my right hand. 

Want to see a close-up of them together?  There is a reason I chose pink rings today....

I wanted my rings to coordinate with the pink in my black and pink flats! Aren't these shoes spiffy looking?! Yes, I know "spiffy" is an antiquated term. But, I just think that these shoes must be called spiffy! And speaking of things that are antiquated...I have a birthday coming up soon. A BIG birthday, if you know what I mean! A changing decades birthday, as a friend recently described it. So...look for a future post. Just giving you a heads-up.

The shoe brand is Clarks and the inside says "Soft Cushion" and "Collection." The style is the Kinzie. Check out the link if you are interested. This was my church outfit today and the shoes stayed comfortable except in the toe area they still need to stretch out a bit. I am wearing socks so that might make a difference. 

I was hoping my husband would take a shot of the overall look including the shoes, but somehow that didn't happen. Guess I'll have to deduct some of his pay, Ha! I liked his pictures, though, so I'm showing them! I love the look of black and white together and adding just a hint of pink, even in the Fall/Wintertime, is a great way to elevate the look! Black and white is a classic and I am loving the zebra stripes! 

As you can see our photo shoot attracted a crowd! Garden also likes black and white! And Cassie says she is offended that Garden got to be in this post and she didn't. 

I will be taking this week off to enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday. I hope that you and yours have a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. I've already started my Christmas decorating, so look for an upcoming post about that coming soon after Thanksgiving. And, then, there is that birthday....

Until Next Time,

*Feel free to pin photos. Photography by William Ross. 


Sharon said...

I really like your zebra print so it was nice to see it featured again. I also like black and pink together. And Garden fit right in. I think she was enjoying the photo shoot since you were wearing "her" colors--black and white.

Clearissa said...

The outfit looks very nice on you. TFS. Enjoy your holiday.

Karen said...

I have always liked pink with animal prints for some reason. Love it with leopard also. Your shoes are fantastic - as is the little kitty at the window!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you all, Ladies, for your sweet comments. I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

Susan Joy Clark said...

I like your sense of humor and your pink shoes. :)

Jacqui said...

Hi Debbie, I hope you had a great Thanksgiving, and I'm sorry I'm slightly slow in commenting - work can dominate during the week and I often feel like I'm chasing my tail! Anyway, just to say, I love black and white with pink. I can't wear the combination well myself (having auburn hair!), but I think the trio of white, black and pale pink is so sophisticated. I love how your shoes bring in the pink, and how the ring subtly repeats it. The outfit just looks so comfortable. And, being a cat lover, I also love the picture of Cassie in the window... :)

Lay said...

I really enjoy reading about your thought processes that are a part of styling you outfits. Your descriptions are great! It helps m to consider my own thoughts processes in choosing my outfits, as basic as min are! I look forward to seeing your Christmas posts and getting some inspiration!