Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Blue Plaid Shirt

Shopping At The Tractor Store

Not a sponsored or gifted post. 

Hey Everyone! Today I'm styling a blue plaid flannel shirt purchased at the Tractor Supply Co. As you know, I don't let shopping for clothes in odd places stand in my way. I have previously shared clothing purchased at drugstores, so why not the Tractor Supply store? Never let it be said I don't bring you unique places to shop!!

When the Mr. took me to this store before Christmas to pick out some Trisha Yearwood decor items, I didn't even know that Tractor Supply sold clothing. I was pleasantly surprised to see that they carry quite a large range of comfortable and stylish clothing for women! I always enjoy wearing warm, comfortable flannel shirts like this one. It can be worn over pants as you see here, tucked in at the waist or worn under a sweater. 

This shirt by Bit & Bridle is 100% cotton and is good quality with a woman's fit. I paired it with an aqua blue tee underneath for more warmth and a bit of color contrast. I actually ended up purchasing two shirts from this store and I'll style the other one for you in another post. 

I must say that this is a typical "Debbie look" now for me in retirement. I love the ease and comfort of wearing comfy clothes, pants and shoes and adding just a touch of bling, like the blue earrings I'm wearing. If you are looking for an equally comfy look you might want to browse a bit at the Tractor Supply Company!

Do you love flannel like I do? Hope you'll leave a comment. I love hearing from you. 

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Karen said...

I really like this! I love plaid flannel and yours is such a great color! I have seen the clothes at Tractor Supply and also at a local hardware store where I live, and they are nice things for casual wear. The hardware store clothing is actually pretty pricey as it is all brand name, high end boots, etc. Like you, I'm open to shopping everywhere. You just never know where you'll find a treasure like your shirt!

Debbie Styles Life said...

You're right, Karen. I was really surprised to find clothing I like at this store. They also had summer items on sale for REALLY great prices ( like 3-4 dollars!) but I stuck with the two shirts. Years ago I bought some really nice dresses for work that I wore and wore at a hardware/greenery type store called BB Barns. Sadly, they don't carry clothing anymore and I wish they did!

Sharon said...

What a great find! I like flannel shirts too; they are so warm and cozy. I'm planning on checking out the Tractor Supply very soon.

Lay said...

I love plaid flannel shirts and am always looking for a really good one. I'm going to the tractor supply store in hopes that they still have some left. Thanks for sharing your great find (I love the colors!).