Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Match Made In Seven

Match Made In Seven; A New Collaboration 

Welcome to the monthly edition of  Match made in Seven! We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything. A book, music, a color, a movie. And then we style an outfit based on that theme. The theme of this month is chosen by Nancy and is: Punk! Also, take a look at the other bloggers and how they have interpreted the theme this month. (See list at end of post).
Hey Friends! I promised you something new today and this is it! A new collaboration with six other lovely ladies from across the globe. Together, we are a "Match Made In Seven" and will bring you a new interpretation of a particular style on the last day of each month. I'm excited about this collaboration and have had the greatest fun this month trying to figure out how to dress "punk" which is what Nancy chose. I'm about the "unpunkiest" person you will ever meet, but I have done my best. Just call my style interpretation, "Punk-Light!!"  And please make sure to check out the other blogger's posts. I'll provide links to them at the end of this post.
I have scoured Pinterest this month looking for punk style inspiration. Luckily, I had a black swing dress and a blue jean jacket on hand that I thought would work well together. I found these fun gigantic hoop earrings that I thought might work for the "chain" part of the styling. My choker necklace attached to a long fringe pendant added to the look. The choker has metal on it, also. 

In addition to the hoop earrings, I also invested in some mesh stockings to wear under my slouch boots. 

I wore my hair up and let the shorter layers on top sort of hang down and do their own thing. And I went darker on the eyeshadow and added a bolder lipstick color. 

You know, I kinda like this look! Maybe there's been a little punk in me all along and it just took this collaboration and Nancy's choice of theme to prod me onward! 

Ok, it's your turn! Leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my "punk-light" styling! And be sure to hop on over to see how Nancy, Emma, Anna, Bettye, Sonja and Darlene interpret this style. Enjoy and have fun!

Until Next Time,


Fashion Schlub said...

You look great, Debbie! "Punk Light," I love it!


Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

Oh wow! You are almost unreconizable! I Just love the effort you made and think this is a beautiful interpetation of punk! Great job Debbie! What fun this is!

Sonja said...

Love the jacket on black! Off course black is my favorit Colour, hahaha!

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

I went punk light too, as you'll see. We are clearly sisters. Love your pairing of dress and denim and maybe you now have a new outfit you'd wear out. I know I do. Good to meet you in the challenge. Please add your post to my link up. It's called Weekly Round up published 21 Jan.

Kellyann Rohr said...

Great job Debbie! I like how you styled this theme! What a fun collaboration you ladies are doing, love it!

Sharon said...

Debbie, I absolutely love the idea and the name of "Match Made In Seven"! You interpreted the look so well, and your "punk-light" idea is so clever. I really like the denim jacket with the black. I'll look forward to next month's installment!

Karen said...

This is great, and it's going to be fun to see what each of you comes up with each month! "Punk" would nudge me out of my comfort zone too, but you interpreted it well Debbie! And it's a fun look on you. It's like still being true to yourself, but having fun trying something completely different. Well done! Good addition of the fishnet stocking and your metals! Going now to check out the others!

Katherines Corner said...

I thought you had cut your hair and popped over to say it looks great, love that length on you! I had no idea it was just pulled back. You look terrific my friend Hugs!~

Darlene said...

Hi Debbie,

Like you, I struggled a bit with Nancy's choice of theme! But you did an amazing job pulling yours together. The jewelry and fishnets were the perfect touches!

I can see we are in for some challenges with this group!! Haha! But it will be fun to collaborate with all of you.

xx Darlene

Linda said...

you are blessed. be thankful.

Your True Self Blog said...

Hi, Debbie
You nailed it, and you do look like a different person as well!
Love it,
Angie, said...

Great outfit Debbie, I love the fishnets! I turned to Pinterest for ideas too!

Emma xxx