Friday, April 12, 2019

Pink Tulips Easter Tablescape

Tulips, Bunnies and Easter Eggs Tablescape

With Easter a mere week from this Sunday, I decided to add some Spring-like and fun Easter decor to the dining table. This tablescape features gorgeous pink tulips, an egg-shaped dish filled with bunnies and pastel cloth eggs and a sweet Easter basket filled with larger pastel Easter eggs. 

The bunnies have a slot to be used for a place card but I stuffed an egg in the slot instead.

The light blue egg plate and bunnies came from Target a couple years ago. The pastel cloth eggs are Dollar Store finds, I believe. 

I am so enjoying these pink tulips! How pretty they are on the table. I couldn't resist tying a pink polka dot ribbon around the base of the tulips. You can never have enough pink, right?! Unfortunately, a certain furry member of our family (Cassie!) would not leave the tulips alone and I read that tulips are poisonous to cats, so the tulips are now living on our front porch table. Sigh.....cats!

You gotta love this face though, right?!

And, this one too!

Have a great weekend everyone!


Sharon said...

I really enjoy your tablescape posts, Debbie. This one is so cheery with the pink tulips and other accessories that pair so well with the flowers. Those cat photos are wonderful! What beautiful cats they are!

Karen said...

Very pretty! Tulips are such beautiful flowers, and the little egg dish with the bunnies is so cute!!

Stacey said...

Your tulips are so pretty, Debbie. I do understand about having to hide them from the cat though....ours kitty does the same thing from time to time. Your vignette is adorable!

Happy Easter. :)