Monday, April 29, 2019

Springtime In My Backyard

Signs Of Spring

Happy Monday everyone! I took a little walk around our yard last night and snapped some photos of all of the Springtime in our yard! Like these beautiful azaleas in full bloom. 

Someone before us made sure to plant a variety of colors. I love it when they are all in bloom! Wish they lasted longer. 

I cut a few to display in a favorite vase in our foyer. Someone at church gave me the little green carnation stem in the middle. 

I've spent the last few days planting annuals and perennials around our house. Ferns, dianthus, coleus and dusty miller on the front porch. 

Another fern on the back porch along with containers holding lantana and dianthus. 

I've had good luck with these flowers in the past and I hope that this year is the same. Everything I've planted is supposed to be "deer resistant." Fingers crossed!

I added more coral bells to our stone wall garden along with some violet phlox. The hostas don't ever seem to get big in this little garden. I'm not sure why since our side garden has hostas that are huge. 

See? They are just beginning to open up and are already big! I tend to neglect this side garden a bit. I need to do some major cutting back as plants on the hillside want to take over. Maybe this summer I'll do better?

My garden bench is ready for sitting. As you can see we have plenty of ivy!

Our waterfall has been running steadily since last weekend's heavy rains. Unfortunately, the stream got clogged and we had a river running down our driveway last weekend. Not good for the driveway! The Mr. finally was able to unclog the problem and the waterfall is under control once more. The perils of living in the country!

And a final "artistic shot" looking through the trees at our St. Francis statue in our stone wall garden. 

Thanks for taking a walk with me around our yard this Monday morning! I hope your week is off to a great start and sunny skies and pretty flowers are coming your way. Tell me, how is Spring coming to your backyard? Hope you'll leave a comment!

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Sharon said...

Debbie, I thoroughly enjoyed joining you in a walk around your yard. What beautiful azaleas! All the gardens and spots around your yard are lovely. It must be nice to be so surrounded by nature.

Clearissa said...

Absolutely love your garden. It is gorgeous. The azaleas are so pretty. I wish they lasted longer as well. I am also a fan of lantana. I use it in my small garden in pots out front. Such a beautiful place to spend spring. TFS

Karen said...

How beautiful Debbie! Thank you for sharing your gardens with us. I have always enjoyed seeing pictures of your yard. I love the square planters!