Monday, May 27, 2019

Walking At Beaver Lake

Join Me On A Walk

I took a walk recently at a favorite lake that is not too far from my home. It's called, Beaver Lake, and I thought you might like to walk with me and see the sights. As you can see it is very pretty there. 

There is a very nice walking trail that now extends around most of the lake with a bit of street walking necessary on the far side. If you like birds there is a separate bird sanctuary beside this lake walk.

I did spy this lovely blue bird as I walked and he (she?) was gracious enough to not fly away and posed for me.

Aren't the colors lovely?! The bird was careful to show its "good side" for the photos!

I passed by some lovely flowers outside the caretaker's cabin. 

And by these colorful boats just waiting to be taken out on the lake.

I always look across the water to see this beautiful and stately home. 

The Mr. and I nicknamed this house, "Southfork," after the Dallas TV show. Isn't it a lovely house?!

At one point, I cross over this bridge...

And look down into the ravine below.

I pass by this dam with water running over. Sometimes, there are lines of turtles across the top of the dam. But, not today.

This is a lake filled with history and story.

This end of the lake is the section that was once the "swimming hole" portion. You can see remnants of what was once the beach area with stone walls around the pool area and stone steps going up the hill. 

I like thinking about what it might have looked like here back in the day with swimmers and boaters, sailor suits and straw hats. 

Swimwear, 1930, Sweden.

Perhaps, we might have seen swimwear like this? 

Or, perhaps this? (Vintage photos from Pinterest)

Prior to 1923, before the lake was here, this was known as Baird Bottom and at one time, a plane landed here. Hard to picture a meadow with cows grazing isn't it? A trolley service ran to this destination and, according to legend, the famous author, Thomas Wolfe, skinny dipped in the lake. If you would like to read more about the history of the lake, click here.  Our branch library has many photos on display of Baird Bottom and the lake in its early days. Today, the lake is surrounded by homes and highways. 

I love to walk here. The scenery provides moments of peaceful solitude and beautiful views.

And, I'm so grateful you were able to join me on the walk at the lake today!

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Sharon said...

What a lovely post, Debbie. I thoroughly enjoyed walking around the lake with you, seeing that beautiful bird, and hearing about the history of the lake. Great photos!

Clearissa said...

This is a beautiful spot Debbie. I could spend hours there, just looking at the water. It was fun to take this walk with you.

Joy said...

What a wonderful walk - how lovely to have it close by.

Karen said...

Gorgeous scenery, beautiful day! Thank you for taking us along!