Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What's Happening Wednesday

Just A Little Wednesday Chat

Hello, Everyone!  I'm just stopping by on a Wednesday to chat a little about the day and week so far. I hope that today has found you enjoying something that is fulfilling in your life! It's been a busy week so far in my world. I had a new experience yesterday. I joined with two other friends from my church who go monthly to a local nursing home to sing hymns to the residents. This was my first time going and I enjoyed it, although I felt a bit shy at first. The folks who wanted to come assembled in the dining room. One of my friends always brings her guitar and we all brought our hymnals. We took requests as well as choosing many of our favorite hymns to sing. It was touching to hear so many of the residents singing along with us. One woman who lives there is a member of our church and she put me to shame as she knew all of the words to every hymn!! It was a blessed time. Today, I drove a friend who no longer drives to a medical appointment and then we enjoyed lunch together. Then, it was on to grocery shopping and home chores. You know the usual, bed making, dish washing, loads of laundry and some light cooking. 

The latest Maisie Dobbs novel finally was available at the library. I have been on a "wait list" for a few weeks so I was excited to bring it home. I'm making steady progress with this book and, so far, I like it very much! The title is, The American Agent, and this book brings back a few characters from previous books. I won't say more as the book is fairly new and I don't want to give anything away. We'll see what happens as the story unfolds!

I had a very strange experience today. While driving my friend to her appointment we were waiting at a stop light. I was directly at the light. The light was still red when I felt the car sort of "sway." It was an odd sensation. Then, I felt it again. I looked in my rear view mirror and there was a huge SUV right on my bumper! I think the guy was trying to move me forward! The light turned green and I was in such shock that I drove forward as our destination was just ahead. I have never had such a thing happen before. It wasn't like he smacked into me. It was like he was trying to move me!! As soon as I drove forward he quickly changed lanes and went around me. I'm still in a bit of shock over it. Drivers are crazy these days! The Mr. said I should have gotten his license number but it all happened so fast and like I said, I was in shock!

So, let's talk about what I wore today. As you can see in the pic, I went very casual in my white thrifted capri pants, my Ex Officio top and my gladiator style sandals by Euro Sofft. The top is a "work horse" piece of clothing as I wear it and another in blue quite often during the warmer months. These tops are so lightweight and comfortable! The pants are comfy too. I'm happy that the Euro Sofft sandals feel really good on my feet this summer. Last summer, when they were new, one shoe tended to rub my little toe and I had to wear a toe guard. It must have stretched them out, though, as this year they feel great just as they are!

I bought these sandals a couple years ago at DSW on an off-season sale and thought they would make a good neutral color shoe which I believe they do. They look good with pants, dresses or skirts making them quite versatile. 

Have you been watching,"Jeopardy James," the guy who has won over one million dollars on Jeopardy? He is back on tonight after being off for a couple weeks due to the yearly Teachers Tournament. Will his good luck continue? I'm watching to find out!

I hope that you are well and enjoying a great week! Let me know what you are doing, enjoying and experiencing this week!

Until Next Time,


Joy said...

Apart from being very rude, that was a dangerous thing to do - I'm really rather shocked on your behalf.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Joy. Hopefully, I won't meet up with that driver again!

Karen said...

Yes to watching James! He has such a cool personality, I have really enjoyed seeing him have such amazing success!

You look so springy Debbie! The colors in you top are so pretty! Cute sandals too. I just bought some EuroSoft sandals at DSW and have been happy with how comfortable they are. I struggle to find sandals that look good on my feet, so these are winners!

Too bad about the raging driver behind you. Everyone is in such a big hurry, it's really too bad. But what nerve to get your attention the way he did.

I love how you sing at the nursing home! I have been going to the assisted living place where my mom lives for church services and have truly enjoyed it. It's not easy to find services where traditional hymns are still sung so it is especially meaningful for me. My mom, who has basically zero memory, knows all the words by heart! I had an aunt who had very advanced Alzheimer's who didn't know her family, but they would sing hymns with her and she knew every word. Amazing, isn't it?

Debbie Styles Life said...

Hi Karen: Glad you found comfy sandals. They are worth their weight in gold when they work well! Yes, it was amazing how the folks at the nursing home sang the words with us. Someone once told me that music has the power to revive memories in the elderly and it seems to be so. Hope you are having a good week!

Sharon said...

I enjoyed this post, Debbie. I'm a huge Jeopardy fan, and I have been especially intrigued at watching James. Since I have been out of town this week, I have missed some episodes. I'm looking forward to seeing him play again. Those sandals look so comfortable. I have some issues with my feet, and I have to be careful with the shoes I buy, but these sandals look more supportive than many styles of sandals. I'm glad you had the opportunity to sing at the nursing home. I know it must bring joy to the residents.