Sunday, July 21, 2019

Scripture, White Shirt and Weekly Happenings

Giving Thanks

Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever.
I Chronicles 16:34

Another incredibly busy week has gone by and in true "this and that" form, I have a little of everything in this post for you! There will be a devotional, a style post and catching up on weekly happenings all rolled up into one post. Hope you enjoy!!

On Monday, I enjoyed a lovely lunch out with two friends and it was wonderful to visit and catch up. One of the friends has recently come through a time of loss and illness and I am so thankful that she is doing much better now. Friends are a true blessing in this life and something for which I thank God for. 

I also felt the gift of friendship on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week as the Mr. and I spent the greater part of those days working at our church. For awhile now, I have been hoping that our bell choir room at church could be moved from downstairs in the basement area, to a room upstairs which is right off of the sanctuary. My reasons for wanting this room are many. Each time our bell choir rings we have to carry heavy equipment like bells, tables and music stands all the way upstairs. In addition, music folders, cushions for the tables and containers with table covers must be brought into the sanctuary. It's a huge deal each time we ring to get all the moving done and none of us are getting any younger or getting younger backs!!  Anyway, I recently received permission to make this move, but it involved moving the church library out of the room and to another room and then moving all of the bell equipment upstairs to the former library. It was a BIG job involving moving books, shelving, furniture and the other miscellaneous things that accumulated in the library. The Mr. and I were so blessed to have several folks come to assist us with this move. They came not just one day, but the next day as well and stayed with us until everything in ALL the rooms was in place. They were a true blessing and I am very thankful for their help and for the Lord's guidance in leading us to be able to make this move. 

Truly, as I reflect on all of these happenings for the week, I have much to be thankful for to the Lord. He is definitely good and his love endures forever!!  As you reflect on your week, what are you thankful for? 

Catching Up:

The other big news that has been happening around here is that the Mr. has been working long and hard on our dining room! This is the last room in the house to be renovated and I am excited to finally be at this point. We have lived in our present house for 16 years and my husband has basically rebuilt this house from the inside out over those years. Living in a house that has had some type of construction going on for that long has been a challenge. But, this house had a lot of "needs" when we bought it and we knew that it would be a long haul getting it done. There has been a lot of living going on for those 16 years for both of us and in between teaching every day, working on Master's Degrees and National Board Certifications, the Mr. playing in two bands plus teaching a night class and then various health issues that cropped up the house construction fit in where it could. So, it's not surprising that it has taken 16 years to get to this point! My house looks a bit like a tornado went through it right now, but we are moving along and that's what counts, right?! But sorry, no pictures to show you yet. I look sometimes at the photos of "perfection" on blogs and instagram of people's homes and I truly think, "You have got to be kidding!" Because, like I said, right now we are doing construction, cleaning out accumulated stuff and the Mr. is trying to find places for what he brought home after retirement. As I looks like a tornado went through! But, I have faith that it will improve as these projects get done. 

Styling in White:

Have you noticed that wearing white is "in" this summer? I keep seeing adds for little white dresses and jumpsuits as well as tops and slacks. White is such a staple color and is so versatile because it goes with anything. I read online recently that white looks good on all skin tones which is very nice. I purchased this white top at Hamrick's several months ago and I've been wearing it a lot. It is a great length and is easy to wear as it is comfortable and can be dressed up or down depending on what I wear with it. 

I also like the wavy lines all over the top. They add texture and interest and move the eye away from any bumps or bulges. It's interesting that I chose this top kind of in a hurry when I was shopping at Hamrick's that day. I saw it and thought it looked interesting and went with it. And, it has become a frequently worn favorite. Sometimes, I wear pieces more that I buy quickly than the ones that I try on and think and think about! Funny, isn't it? This top is actually more of an "off-white" eggshell color. It's interesting to try the many shades of white clothing available to see which shade looks best for you. According to what I've read my skin is more of a cool tone than a warm tone and I should wear whites that have blue tones in them. This top actually has more of a warm yellow tone to it and yet I think I wear it well, so I'm not going to worry about cool and warm tones of white too much!! I think with fashion you go with what you like and what you feel good wearing. How about you? Hope you'll leave a comment about any part of today's post!

Take Care and Many Blessings!


Sharon said...

I enjoyed your "this and that" blog post. I am right with you in wearing clothing that I like and what I feel good wearing. I think your white top looks so cool for the summer. White always seems to bring a freshness whether it's in clothing or newly painted trim and baseboards,for instance.

Clearissa said...

Such a blessing to have had the fellowship at you church this week. Although the work was hard, I know from experience that the fellowship alleviated some of the tedium. Congratulations on getting your new room for your equipment. Sixteen years of renovation. Wow, however, it is just the storm before the calm. You and your husband have made your house your home with all sorts of personal touches, I'm sure. And soon you will be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor. How exciting. I am excited for you. You white top is classic and the woodsy backdrop is amazing. TFS

Karen said...

I really enjoyed this! Good news about your bell choir room! This will make things so much easier. How wonderful to be at the end of your renovation! Won't it be nice to just enjoy all the hard work and effort! At the same time, even though it's a challenge living in construction areas, there is something satisfying in it knowing it's a work in progress! I'll bet it's beautiful!

Susan said...

The cat bag is cute and gives me ideas for some fabric that was given to me. Thanks. I love the white top, you look good in it too.