Monday, July 22, 2019

Simple Crafts and DIY Decor

Easy DIY Crafts 

Hey Everyone!  Hope your week is off to a great start!  I had a pretty crafty weekend and Monday and I thought I would share some of the crafts I created. You know I like crafts that are easy and can be finished within a fairly short period of time. The crafts you see today fit that criteria!

I spent today sewing a cute tote bag made out of cat and paw print fabric that I bought awhile ago. The material was a fat square and I was able to make two tote bags out of one fat square. Don't look too closely now-remember I am new to sewing!! I created my own handles for this bag using the paw print fabric, but for the second one I am going to use pre-made handle material. 

I also decorated this cardboard "R" using decorative scrapbook paper. 

One large sheet of paper covered the whole "R".  Tracing around the front and the straight sides was easy. For the rounded part I traced as far as I could on the straight top and then rolled the "R" forward estimating the length needed to wrap around the front. It worked out!

For right now, I am displaying the "R" on the foyer table. It does have a tab for hanging, so I may do that when I change out the foyer table next. These cardboard letters are pretty inexpensive at A.C. Moore so you may want to find your initial(s) and give it a try! 

The rest of my craft time was spent creating more cards using various materials including some new stencils. 

I decided to add my name to the backs. I created quite a few cards Saturday evening. Once I get started it's hard to stop!

I'm especially proud of the button card!  But, I think all of the cards turned out pretty well. Like I mentioned, I used a variety of materials to make the cards including stickers, stencils, watercolor pencils, permanent marker and clear glue. All you need are some blank note cards and you can create your own!

Have you been getting crafty lately? Hope you will leave a comment. I love hearing from my readers!!

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Sharon said...

Thank you for sharing your completed projects. They are all wonderful! You did a great job on your tote bag. I absolutely love the fabric! Covering the letter is such a great idea, and your cards are just lovely. My favorite from your pictures is the one with button flowers.So creative!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Sharon! You would have laughed, though, watching me try to set up the sewing machine! I actually got the automatic threader to work. Hooray!

Stacey said...

This is such a fun way to spend time on a hot day!! :)

Joy said...

They are all absolutely lovely. Such fun, isn't it?