Friday, July 5, 2019

How To Wear A Little Black Jumpsuit

Styling A Jumpsuit Two Ways

Hello, everyone! Today, I'm showing two different ways to style a little black jumpsuit. I've shown before how to style a little black dress, so why not a little black jumpsuit, right?!

To be honest, I really didn't think that the current jumpsuit trend was right for me. I recently remarked to a friend that I had tried on a couple of jumpsuits and they REALLY showed my pear shape and were not at all attractive. I decided to try this one, however, when I saw it on the clearance rack at Target for a few reasons. 
  • I love to wear black and find it very slimming.
  • I thought this outfit would work well for both casual and dressy wearing. 
  • I liked the structure of this particular jumpsuit and the thicker fabric. Others I had tried were made of flimsy material. 
So, I gave this jumpsuit a try and I feel that I found a winner! It wasn't that I had to have a jumpsuit, but for all the above reasons, I figured it would be a good addition to my wardrobe. In addition, I can change up the look of this jumpsuit, which I will show you in this post, making it a versatile piece of clothing. 

Here, I'm styling a dressier look wearing the jumpsuit with the belt that came with it, black heels, large silver earrings and a dressy bracelet and clutch purse. 

To change up the look a bit, I decided to go for a more casual look by adding lots of pink. I switched out the belt for a pink multi-belt and added sparkly pink sandals and a pink purse.

I like the pink accessories, but think I'll stick with the black belt. Which styling do you like best? Have you tried jumpsuits? Let me know in the comments. 

And, here is my solution to the "bathroom dilemma" that accompanies jumpsuits. This jumpsuit has a small button and fabric hook at the neck which was not easy to either button or un-button, which could create problems!!  So, I simply added self-sticking Velcro tabs on the neckline and now I have no issues with quickly snapping/unsnapping the neckline. As you can see, this jumpsuit is by Prologue and gets great reviews. As I mentioned before, mine was on the clearance rack so I got a really good discounted price. 

Hope your 4th of July holiday was good and I look forward to hearing from you in the comments!

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Sharon said...

Both looks are lovely, Debbie. I also like the versatility of black with the ability to have either a dressy or casual look. This is indeed a winner!

Karen said...

I like it Debbie! My favorite is with the pink, because I have this love of anything pink, but for a dressy look, all black is also very pretty. I had a black jumpsuit the last time around and loved wearing it. But the bathroom issue is real. My jumpsuit had long sleeves and buttoned to the waist. It was a nice Ponte knit. However, juggling those sleeves to keep them from hitting the horrid public restroom floor, or worse yet, falling into the was only worn for short periods of time! I really like your pink belt and sandals!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks Sharon and Karen! I like the pink, also, and feel I can get lots of wear out of this piece over the years. I'm not gonna worry about it going out of style! Because the material is sturdy, it kind of "reads" like a two piece anyway!

Vanity And Me said...

The jumpsuit looks great on you Debbie. I like it with the floral belt too. I hope your 4th of July celebrations were good xx