Friday, August 16, 2019

Designer Jeans for Less Styled Three Ways

Styling Wide Leg Cropped Jeans

(Not a gifted or sponsored post. All writing/opinions are my own.)

Hey everyone!  I thought I would take a little break from sharing my 16 year house reno story and give you a little "Fashion Friday" today! I'll be back next week with more on the house renovation, though, so if you missed Part I and Part II be sure to check those out, OK?! Now, let's talk designer jeans. 

Have you heard of the brand Seven7 in jeans wear? I hadn't until I came across this pair of cropped wide leg jeans on the clearance rack at Stein Mart. They were my size and marked down an additional 30% off over the clearance price so I half-heartedly decided to bring them home and try them on for size. I'm so glad I did! I love these jeans, found them a comfy and stylish fit and decided to style them three ways for you today. 

It's funny because I really haven't been much of a fan of the frayed hem and distressed look type jeans, but this frayed hem is more subtle and I like the wide leg look as well. This first styling I'm showing you is with a bold color top and comfy sandals. The cute tie belt came with the jeans and is removable. 

Here, you can see the slit in the leg of the jean. These jeans are extremely well made. The material is incredibly soft!

Now, let's look at a more polished look. White blouse, a bold blue necklace and blue wedge shoes take the look up a notch. 

After I brought these jeans home and found out how much I like them I decided to search online for other pairs. The Seven7 site came up and I started browsing and "Whoa!!" I couldn't believe the prices I was seeing! Prices from $69-$200+ were coming up and I have to tell you, friends, I have never paid those kinds of prices for jeans! I continued searching and did see much lower prices listed at places like Kohl's and Macy's. I will whisper how much I paid at Stein Mart in your ear....($20!!).   Yeah, I think I got a bargain, too. 

These jeans have a really nice structure to them that is kind of making me re-think about higher end jeans. Maybe they do provide a better fit. What do you ladies think? 

For my third styling, I decided to go for the untucked look. I used the belt for a hairband and added some comfy Skecher Goga Mat shoes. 

I like this relaxed style and, as I write this post, I am still wearing this look. I'm not trying to sell jeans but I will provide the link to these jeans in case you are interested. If you search the site you will see a variety of jeans and other clothing by Seven7. 

So tell me, which styling did you like best? Have you worn Seven7 jeans before? Do you like cropped and/or frayed hem jeans? Hope you will leave me a comment and let me know. I love hearing from you! Also, bonus points if you can name the one item I was wearing that remained consistent in all three stylings (besides the jeans and belt)!

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Amy Johnson said...

cute pants, I especially like them styled with the white shirt.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Amy, I like the white shirt look, too!

Joy said...

I've never worn (or seen) jeans quite like those. They're interesting and they do look expremely comfortable.