Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Match Made In Seven: Our Music Icon

Music Icon(s) From The Seventies

Hello everyone, and welcome to another edition of Match Made In Seven. If you are new to the blog, here is a review of what we do here at Match Made In Seven.

We are an international group of fashion bloggers who meet once a month. One of us chooses a theme in turn, and that can be anything. A book, music, a color, a movie. And then we style an outfit based on that theme. The theme of this month is chosen by Nancy and is: Our Music Icon! Also, take a look at the other bloggers and how they have interpreted the theme this month. (See list at end of post)

When Nancy told us her choice for this month's theme I started pulling CD's off the shelf trying to figure out how to choose just one music icon! I'm pretty eclectic when it comes to music and what you see displayed here doesn't even touch on classical! My upbeat musical tastes were honed during the seventies when groups like the Bee Gees, The Carpenters, Captain and Tennille and the musical styles of disco were all the rage. But, one icon seemed to stand out as I perused my collection and I have chosen her for this post; Olivia Newton-John. 

Olivia's career has spanned decades and along with loving her songs such as "Hopelessly Devoted to You" and "Let's Get Physical" I also admire her strength as she has battled cancer three times. I loved her in Xanadu and Grease. As I researched photos of her I noticed that often her clothing style is casual, yet stylish, like you see in the CD cover above. I also remember that in the seventies when I first began listening to her music, I was most often seen in jeans, a tucked-in tee shirt and tennis shoes. So, that's how I'm styling myself for today's post. We'll call it "Flashback to the Seventies" styling!

So, here I am in my favorite 1970's outfit....oh, who am I kidding, it's still my favorite outfit!  I chose my thrifted yellow tee with butterflies on the front, my Vintage American Blues jeans and my New Balance running shoes for my icon outfit. My hair is styled similarly to Olivia's on the CD cover. 

I chose simple, small blue earrings to wear. I didn't go in for big earrings or lots of jewelry in the seventies. 

I loved to dance and found the disco vibe of lots of Olivia's music easy to dance to along with the music of my other icons. 

As I've been reading up on Olivia I have been impressed by her positive outlook on life as she battles cancer and her love for her daughter and her husband. She still performs today and is loved by so many fans around the world. 


And, she certainly is lovely, inside and out!

Please be sure to stop by the other lovely ladies' blogs to see how they are styling this month's theme! And, I would love to hear about your music icon when you leave me a comment! 

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Fashion Schlub said...

Coincidentally, I saw Olivia Newton-John on some talk or news show just recently. I was standing in line at a deli watching it on their tv with the sound off so I don't know what the story was about but I thought WOW she looks great. I always thought she was a stunningly beautiful woman. My favorite of hers was I Honestly Love You. I think I had that album.

What a fun idea, to recreate an outfit you would have worn at the time you were listening to ONJ's music for the first time!


Darlene said...

Oh, I absolutely love your take on her, Debbie!! And would you believe that we chose the same person?!! Great minds think alike, right? (And possibly, because we are from the same era! Lol!) The close-up photos of her and you at the end are priceless--so original!!

Great interpretation, Debbie!
xx Darlene

Sharon said...

It's fun to see the theme for each month and how you interpret it. Your choice of jeans and a t-shirt is my kind of fashion--at least what I feel most comfortable wearing. I viewed the other blogs you listed, and it's interesting that two of you chose Olivia Newton-John--good choice!

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

That is just lovely! I can imagine she was your idol back then. You already have her Hair!

Clearissa said...

Very nice post. I have followed Olivia's battle and she has been so positive and upbeat and I am certain that has a lot to do with the success of her fight. She is indeed beautiful inside and out. Your 70s style outfit is cute! Nice idea for you fashion bloggers to get together once a month. Love the camaraderie. TFS

Karen Anderson said...

First of all, I love those blue earrings!!! I like how you interpreted the 70's theme you were going for! The iconic jeans and a tee shirt! Isn't it interesting that this is still a look we wear currently? This one has spanned so many decades and still looks fresh! You had me thinking back to my musical tastes in the 70's, and how well I remember going dancing with my friends during the disco era!! I was starting college in the very early 70's and remember really being into the protest music, which was not really who i was at all, but I'd sit at the Youth for Christ center waiting for my friends to show up listening to Neill Young writing moody poetry! This really took me back!!

carmen said...

A fun theme! You picked an amazing woman! And your hairstyle is so similar! I'm all about thrifting and your outfit is timeless casual, looks as good now as it did then.



Amy Johnson said...

Such a cute casual look. Love the tee.

stylesplash@live.co.uk said...

Pretty T-shirt! I love that you and Darlene both picked Olivia! This theme was harder than I first thought!

Emma xxx