Monday, August 26, 2019

Easy DIY Flower and Paper Crafting Projects

Sharing Recent Craft Projects

Happy Monday!  I thought today would be a good time to share some of my recent craft projects with you. I've been busy in my craft room working on some more paper crafting/sign making as well as doing some new flower arrangements for the foyer table. I hope you enjoy!

I just haven't been inspired over the summer to change up the foyer table until a few days ago when I was browsing instagram and saw a pretty flower arrangement in a vintage type box. I began thinking how pretty such a box arrangement might look on the foyer table, so I went looking for a box to use. I ended up buying one on, of all places, the wedding aisle at A.C. Moore. The box you see above is one of those boxes you see couples use at weddings for guests to place cards inside. It's a whitewashed gray color and has a removable top with a slot. I simply turned the side that says "Cards" toward the wall. 

I wanted to choose flowers that would pull out the colors seen in my pretty quilts that hang above the door. I already had a few such silk flowers but I need more, so I went hunting at the Dollar Store to see what I could find.

I'm really pleased with the addition of the green and orangey/gold flowers to the mix. Just what I wanted! I decided to enhance the box arrangement by adding my faux succulents to the front and moving my succulent wreath to the hanger behind the box. I didn't like the hanger pole showing through the wreath, however, so I draped a crochet doily behind the wreath and added my wooden house as an accent. What do you think? Would you rather see the pole or do you like the doily and little house addition? 

I'm trying to decided if this is too much for the foyer table and if I should just have the box display without the wreath. What do you think, readers?  You will also notice that I switched out the door wreath and added the "R" I created awhile back underneath the wreath. 

Next up, is some paper crafting I did to create a new sign. I used some brick style scrapbook paper to create the background design and then added 3-D homestyle stickers on top.

Here's a closeup of the stickers.

And, here is the completed sign. Not sure where I will display this, yet. For now, it is gracing my craft room!

Hope you enjoyed my crafting today. Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments. Have you signed up to follow me by email yet?  It's so easy and you won't ever miss a single post! Just look for the sign up on the sidebar of my blog.  And do be sure to stop by Wednesday for another edition of "Match Made In Seven" an international blogger group collaboration.  See you then!

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Sharon said...

I always enjoy seeing your foyer decor and crafts, Debbie.They are lovely. How nice it is too that you have a craft room in which to work. To have a place set aside to work on creative activities is especially nice for us introverts!

Clearissa said...

The box is very cute as is the sign. You had a very productive weekend. TFS