Tuesday, December 10, 2019

How To Decorate A Live Wreath For Your Front Door

DIY Front Door Live Wreath

I've just finished decorating my live front door wreath and thought I would share it with you. I'm pleased with the results. Every year a neighbor child sells wreaths as part of a school fundraiser and that is how we get our live wreath. I kind of debated leaving the wreath undecorated on our front door. We have green shutters against a white front on our house and the solid green kind of looked pretty on the white door just by itself. But, I decided the wreath needed a little more "merry and bright" so I went with what you see here!

The wreath decorations are actually pretty simple. I started by wrapping white tulle around the wreath and then tied a pretty bow to hang down the middle of the wreath. I already had these white and red picks and they were easy to insert around the wreath and then arrange them the way I wanted. I then finished with a few simple red balls. 

I haven't used tulle on a wreath before and it was super easy to work with! I've had it forever and it's nice to actually use what I have. I'm pleased with my pretty wreath and I think the house is now complete with decorating! Sometimes, I like to rearrange a few items so you never know! 

How is your decorating coming along?  Do you decorate a live front door wreath?  Let me know in the comments.  I love hearing from my readers!

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Susan said...

it is very pretty.

Sharon said...

Your wreath is beautiful! It's festive with just the right amount of decoration on it. I thought I was finished decorating, but I'm going to try creating a ribbon tree from some ribbon I already have and a purchased styrofoam cone shape. I think it's fun to try some new and creative things during the holiday season.

Clearissa said...

It's very pretty Debbie. I love the toile...is that what you call what you used for ribbon? It's so whispy and really allows the beautiful wreath to shine

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you Susan, Sharon and Clearissa! It was fun to make the wreath. Good luck with your crafting projects, Sharon!

Kim said...

I love the tulle...it has an ethereal look, perfect for the season!

Karen Anderson said...

That's beautiful Debbie! I love the little red ornaments you used! I'm sure your wreath was beautiful on its own, but your embellishments really dressed it up for Christmas! I have never had alive wreath. Live trees every year, but not a wreath. I have a faux greenery one but maybe next year I'll go for a real one like yours!

Joy said...

That's so pretty!
I have a live wreath too but it comes already decorated with a few baubles, some dried citrus slices, chilli peppers and some cinnamon sticks.
I love a wreath!