Sunday, December 29, 2019

How To Change From Christmas Decor to Winter Decor

Changing To Winter Decor

Hello everyone!  If you are like me, you just may feel a little bit sad when all of the Christmas decorations are put away. Although it feels good to get the house back to "normal" there is still a bit of a loss without all of the bright lights and beautiful decorations throughout the house. One way that I counter those feelings is to move to a "winter decor" theme in spaces throughout the house. While certainly not as glitzy as the Christmas decorations and lights, these winter decorations are cheerful and bring a happy vibe to the house!

I have quite a little collection of snowmen that I use on tables and shelves in the foyer, living room and dining room. This cute arrangement is on the dining table in the kitchen area. 

This table runner was a thrifted find a couple years ago. I love the blue background with the cute snowmen, snowflakes and white trees on the runner. The snowmen even have little puff balls on their hats. I simply added some of my snowmen statuettes and some wooden snowflakes to create a winter vignette. 

I want to continue to have some cheerful lighting in the living room since the Christmas tree is put away. To accomplish this, I use pretty winter white candle holders with flameless battery operated candles inside. The warm glow suffuses the room with a comforting warmth.

And on the corner table in the living room, a flameless lantern provides an equally warm glow. 

Even the corner shelf in the dining room gets a winter makeover by adding a variety of winter knick-knacks to each shelf. 

Just like my Christmas decorations, these winter pieces are not one main theme but, rather, a mish-mash of cute snowmen and winter objects I have collected over the years. Look around your house and see what you have that you can use to transform from Christmas to Winter Decor by using just a little bit of this and that!

Are you changing over to Winter Decor? Let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you!

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Stacey said...

So much cuteness with the snowmen, Debbie!! What did we ever do without those flameless candles? I love them and so does my hubby.

Happy New Year!!

Sharon said...

I really enjoyed seeing your winter decor. It's such a nice variety with each item adding to the winter theme. Nice post!

Karen Anderson said...

I like the winter decor, and you do it so well. I had my whole family here this weekend, some are still here, and I'm not ready to put Christmas things away quite yet. I usually leave it all in place until Epiphany. Not sure what will come after tgst, but you've given me some inspiration!!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Stacey, I love those flameless candles. No worries about leaving the room or forgetting they are on! Happy New Year!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Sharon. I do have a variety of snowmen. I think they are cute and enjoy having a chance to display them! Happy New Year!

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thanks, Karen! I hope you have enjoyed being with your family. I usually decorate for Christmas earlier than most so I am ready to put decorations away pretty soon after Christmas Day. I'm glad I gave you some inspiration for Winter decor!

French Ethereal said...

Debbie, your snowmen are adorable!!! I have a few out but maybe I need to bring out some more. :) I went for bling in the kitchen and dining area but the living room could definitely use a bit of winter cheer.

Thank you for the idea and Happy New Year!
Barb :)

p.s. Coming over from Stacey's FB page. <3

Joy said...

Those snowmen are just such fun and I love candles, as you know. Everything can seem very dully once the decorations are down, can't it?
I don't have winter decor as such, but I keep the poinsettias and the red candles out and they provide a splash of colour. It's nice.