Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Match Made In Seven: Your Favorite Movie

Styling After My Favorite Movie

Hello Everyone! It's that time again when my Match Made in Seven group styles a particular theme. We are a group of seven fashion/lifestyle bloggers and each of us chooses a theme in turn. The theme could be anything; a color, piece of music, movie...you get the idea. This month's theme is chosen by Nancy of nancysfashionstyle.com and is: Your Favorite Movie. After you have read my post please be sure to stop by the other ladies' blogs to see how they interpreted this month's theme! Their links will be at the end of my post. 

I'll be honest that with everything going on in the world right now, it was hard for me to focus this month. But, I'm persevering! I have several movies that came to mind when I thought of my favorites but then I pondered how I would interpret them for a fashion post. I finally decided on, "Little Women" for my interpretation this month. I have loved every version of Little Women which includes many years and interpretations from 1933, 1949, 1994 and the most recent 2019 version. And, each version never fails to make me cry. Louisa May Alcott knew what she was doing when she wrote the book!! But, what does Little Women have to do with the outfit I am wearing, you ask? 

Well, all of my life I have always measured five feet, four inches tall. That is, until a recent doctor visit. At this particular visit the nurse measured my height and guess what? I am now five feet, three inches tall. I have officially joined the club that many women enter as they age and begin to lose height. So, after teetering all of my life on the borderline of being petite, I am now officially in the petite category. I have become a "Little Woman" with all of the rights and privileges of shopping in the petite section. Which brings me to this outfit which I found in the petite section of J.C.Penney.

The first thing that caught my eye with this outfit was this pretty blue sweatshirt top with embellished flowers and pearls on the left shoulder. It is a very soft top, washes beautifully and is incredibly pretty in my opinion! The pants are corduroy ankle pants with a flat front panel and elastic back. Again, very comfy and easy to wear. Both pieces are by Alfred Dunner brand. 

I would change a couple things about this outfit if I could. I would really like the pants to be full length rather than ankle pants. I like to wear socks and ankle pants aren't really made for socks and since these are corduroy they are really cooler weather pants. But, I'm getting by with them. The other thing I notice with this outfit is I keep having to pull the top down when I walk around or get up from a chair. It tends to "ride up" a bit. Perhaps my torso is longer than is usual for petites? Maybe, even though I am becoming a "Little Woman" I still am a bit on the borderline, teetering between petite and regular height sizing. 

Now, please be sure to check out how the other ladies interpreted this month's theme!

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Fashion Schlub said...

Ah! I love how you tweaked Little Women to be Little WOMAN - who is you! That's hysterical. I, too, have shrunk slightly. Also from 5'4" to 5'3"

That color blue looks really nice on you, Debbie!

Be safe and stay well.


Darlene said...

Debbie, I always enjoy your unique perception of the monthly theme, and this month is no exception. I was already a "little woman" at 5'2 1/2'. I'm afraid to see how much littler I've become!! Haha! This is a fun read. Thanks.Did you like the newest version with Meryl Streep?

xx Darlene

Nancy 's Fashion Style said...

I totally agree on what Darlene said! Very unique interpretation! Love your take on the theme! However....hahaha, I don t know Little woman. Have to Google it!

Anna of Mutton Style and Years said...

Oh i so loved Little Women too. I have my original book in my house. I am 5ft 1. If anyone is petite it is me. You have a long way to shrink yet :)

Karen Anderson said...

This is such a fun theme and really does cause you to be creative! I like the denim blue you chose! When you first said Little Women, I thought of how to interpret that in current fashion, then when you mentioned losing an inch, I saw what you were going for! : ) My sister had that happen too, and since it seems to happen to most people, I suspect I'll be there eventually. I'm exactly your previous height, 5'4", and being on that borderline is not an easy thing. Misses pants are too long and petites are too short! Much easier with dresses and skirts! I'll go check out the others for this fun theme!

Sharon said...

I like your interpretation of this month's theme, Debbie! It's very creative. That blue top is beautiful and looks cozy and soft. Just like you, I was 5'4" and have lost about an inch. I find that petite clothes fit me better generally. I'll check out the other posts as well.

Joy said...

I dearly loved Little Women and I dearly love your top. It's a beautiful colour!

Susan said...

I love little Women and all the versions. What you said about the sweatshirt riding up and the pants being at the ankle is exactly why at 5'3" I do not shop in the Petite section. I think that 5;3" it the very top of the petite section and it shouldn't be. 5'2" should be the top. Or maybe it is having always gotten used to larger, longer clothing, I just am not used to clothes that fit as they should? Anyway the sweatshirt is beautiful and I really like Alfred Dunner style.

Jessica Jannenga said...

Hi Debbie
Pretty embroidery on this sweatshirt. Fun idea to for a post. I would have a tough time picking my favorite movie! I haven't seen the movie Little Women, but remembered reading the book ages ago!
thanks for linking!
jess xx