Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Styling On A Running Errands Day

Monochromatic Gray For The Day

Hi Everyone!  Today was a day of running errands for my MIL so, once again, I whipped out my phone and asked the Mr. to snap a pic for me to use on the blog!  We were in historic Biltmore Village and had a couple places we needed to stop by so we decided to walk the couple of blocks and get in some extra steps. Do you do that? It's a healthy way of adding some extra walking to our day and the village is a pretty place to walk anyway. 

Look at those blue skies with white wispy clouds! I'm getting into the Spring spirit as I see pretty blue skies and the trees starting to bloom. So far I've seen daffodils and crocuses blooming and I just love it! I just hope we don't get a random frost or snowstorm that will kill all this pretty!

So, let's talk about this outfit. I must tell you that this particular top is one of those that, if I could, I would wear every day. It is super soft and comfortable, just the right weight for varying temperatures, and the added interest of vertical and horizontal stripes with a side tie gives the top a little "something extra" which I love! The vertical stripe down the side also adds a slimming effect which is never a bad thing in my book! I cut off the tags on tops pretty much as soon as I buy items and I've had this top for awhile so I can't tell you the brand, I'm afraid. I know I bought it at Stein Mart, so I'll provide a few choices for you to look at just in case you are interested in a horizontal/vertical stripe look for yourself. 

Let me know if you like any of the vertical/horizontal choices I showed you! I especially like the white flared tunic with the one black horizontal stripe. That top has a classy look to me. 

I always enjoy a monochromatic styling and gray is one of my favorite monotone colors to style. I read up about gray and found out that it represents neutrality and balance. I also read that gray can represent a dull and depressing color that can represent mourning or loss or even depression. I don't feel that way about gray at all. I find gray to be soothing and relaxing and I enjoy wearing this color often. Although I'm not showing this in today's styling, gray is also a wonderful color to add other colors to for contrast. Blues, pinks and other colors really pop when worn with gray as a background color. So, gray is a favorite color that I enjoy wearing! How about you? 

I kept the gray theme going with silver drop earrings that were a Christmas gift years ago and the gray/black flat front jeans by Laura Scott. Of course, my trusty gray Skecher booties completed the look.  Soon, I'll have to put away the Skecher booties for another season but not yet!

Dear readers, these are worrisome times with daily reports on Coronavirus and reminders to wash our hands, not touch our faces and keep our distance socially. I am finding that if I watch TV too much I start to get nervous about the whole thing. And believe me, we are washing our hands frequently! Perhaps talking about clothing and color choices at this time sounds trivial. And, in the long run it is. But, it is also a respite from the dire reports on the news. Thinking about things other than our personal health and the health of those we love can give us a mental break that is necessary to get us through times like this. Another mental break can come through remembering the words of scripture in Isaiah 41:10

Fear not, for I am with you;

Be not dismayed, for I am your God.
I will strengthen you,
Yes, I will help you,
I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.’

When I feel afraid this scripture reminds me that, ultimately, God is in control no matter what else is happening in the world. We never walk alone. 

May you feel God's peace this day. May you enjoy whatever colors you are choosing to wear. And enjoy a pretty daffodil picture to cheer your day!

Until Next Time,


Karen Anderson said...

Thank you for talking about clothes. It's not trivial, it's a necessary diversion from all the hype around us. I love this particular outfit! The gray striped top is so modern and stylish, I just love it! The tie is very much "of the moment" too, I've noticed a lot of ties on tops for the coming spring and summer seasons. The monochromatic look really is working well here - you did a great job and look very stylish!! Beautiful weather you are having! We are quite a way away from spring weather here in Ohio, but at least it's been hovering in the 40's and even 50's some days, so more seasonal. We usually get blasted with a heavy snowfall in March, and sometimes in April. But it's coming. Where your daffodils are blooming, my green shoots are about 6" tall right now, and that is encouraging. You are fortunate to live close to Asheville and Biltmore Village. Such a beautiful area! Enjoy your weather, and THANK YOU for talking about fashion!!

Sharon said...

Just like you, I'm a person who enjoys gray--in clothing and in home decor. It's a beautiful neutral or a color that stands on its own like in your outfit. I also like your top with the different stripes. It looks stylish and comfortable--the best combination in clothing!

Susan said...

The out-fit is cute. I especially like that top. Thanks for posting this we need to keep living our lives and be cautious and concerned when we are out and about but not afraid. Another blogger encouraged readers to read Psalm 91. God is our protection.

Iris said...

I have a top similar to that, and grey pants. Why don't I wear them? I really like that outfit on you. I'm going to have to put mine together when we can actually get out again.
Grace & Peace,Iris