Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Are You Going Stir Crazy Like Me?

One Day Up Another Day Down

So, I don't know if you are going through what I am with this isolation business or not. But, one day I'm feeling pretty upbeat and finding things to do and the next day I'm dragging around feeling all kinds of out of sorts! On the day when the above pic was taken, I got out of bed and thought, "I'm sick of jeans and a tee shirt and I'm going to put on something bright and cheerful." Since it was pretty warm I chose a thinner white top that you have seen before and added a colorful infinity scarf for good measure. 

Instead of jeans I wore my thrifted gray slacks that are so very comfortable. It felt really good to be a bit dressier so I decided to take a few pics. The Mr. was happy to oblige. 

This is what I spent the rest of the time doing yesterday. One of my sisters sent me seed packets which I had planted in four containers. Lo and behold they started sprouting and my sister advised me to separate the seedlings into other containers. So, I scurried about the house looking for containers to use. Once it is time to plant these babies outdoors I am going to have to guard them from lots of critters. I have my fingers crossed. The Mr. thinks it will be a losing battle. What do you think?

Today, I have been a Grumpy Gus and rather than bore you with my mood I will continue to share some pics I snapped yesterday. The sky was so beautiful with white fluffy clouds.

I walked around the yard snapping photos of Spring bursting forth. Like the azaleas that are just beginning to bloom.

And the blooms on the Holly are so pretty and light green in contrast to the dark green of the Holly leaves.

My perennials like the Pinks and the Coral Bells are popping out in the backyard garden. 

And St. Francis stands guard over the garden. Are you getting outside and walking around? It does me good to be out in the sunshine and the warmth. Today was much more dreary which may be contributing to my sour mood.

Oh, I did want to share these pretty eggs with you! I had forgotten that I bought these last Easter and luckily, I found them in one of my craft drawers. So, onto the side table they go. A little bit of extra Easter decor for you!

I hope that you are well and smiling today and enjoying your day. Don't be a sourpuss like me! Look for the good in the everyday and remember to smile!

There is a smile in there somewhere!

Until Next Time,



Sharon said...

Thanks for your post, Debbie. It's good to know that others are having those ups and downs too. Sometimes on those "grumpy" days it's hard to remember that the upbeat feelings will come back, but I have found in the last week or so that they do reappear even if fleetingly. I enjoyed seeing your lovely spring pictures, and that scarf is just what is needed--colorful and springlike itself.

Debbie Styles Life said...

I think we all have our ups and downs these days, Sharon. It seems to take a bit of work to stay positive and I'm working on that today!

Karen Anderson said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures of the sunshine and flowers!! I'm having one of "those days" today. I have tried to be positive and forward-looking, not getting down about this crazy business and not spending much time watching news. I've done pretty well, then came today. I realized that while we may be living a more laid back lifestyle these days, it is getting really disruptive and stressful. Seeing your pictures is like fresh air, and I'm so looking forward to having some warm days to get out of the heavy clothes and put on spring things! Your scarf is beautiful and so is that shirt! Thank you for the sunshine Debbie!

Susan said...

I had been doing so good till late yesterday and I started to get stir crazy. Then I woke up crying this morning. But our Women's bible study was online and we had zoom face to face groups after and I feel much better now. My husband made dinner and I have had a wonderful day of doing a bit of laundry, watching a travel show, and mostly spending time in my bible. It is hard to keep everyday happy and bright but God is with us and He will help us to continue to rejoice. I hope you and your family and everyone who reads here has a wonderful Easter. Easter is in our heart not just a building or a family gathering. It is a gift of the greatest sacrifice ever made for man kind. God bless you all.

Joy said...

I do like that top. Very attracting in an understated way and isn't it nice to dress up a bit now and again.
I'm keeping - occupied. I nearly said 'busy' but that's not quite the right word. It's more to do with having something I( can get on with so I don't just sit and brood.
It does seem to help.
Stay safe.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Karen, Susan and Joy: Thank you for each of your comments. I think all of us are tending to have "stir crazy moments" in our lives! I am working each day to look for the good and trying not to think or, at least dwell, too far into the future. I pray that each of you enjoys a happy Easter Sunday and that next time at this year there will be no social isolation!!

Linda said...

I have a St. Francis statue just like the one pictured.
In the 1980s, I brouht it home from a trip to Ohio.
It lived near the living room window under the birdfeeders.
In 2017, my dad sold the family farm.
I took St. Francis with me to my next location.
He lived there on the front porch.
Then life circumstances changed and I downsized again.
St. Francis moved with me and stands just outside my patio door.
St. Francis has been a friendly reminder of God's love
for all of creation and even me.

Iris said...

Love the outfit with the white top. What are you growing in your little pots? I'm not a gardener, but enjoyed your flower pictures.

I have so much to do, I'll never get bored, so I'm doing okay. Hope you're having one of the "good days" today.
Grace & Peace,Iris