Sunday, April 19, 2020

Casual Wear For Staying At Home

How To Look Put Together At Home

Hello everyone!  I've been having fun going through my closets during this stay at home time looking for casual yet comfortable outfits to wear. I see no reason not to look put together during this stay at home time. Today, I re-discovered this purple sweater that I enjoy wearing with my thrifted creme color corduroy pants. 

The pants are just a tad big but that's OK because that makes them even more comfortable. I love the elastic waistband and the loose fit. 

And, I chose these multi-color Skecher shoes to wear for the day. These shoes are so comfortable (have I said that 1,000 times yet?!) and I wear them frequently. They match well with the sweater, also. 

I have heard so many people talk about not washing their hair for days on end or staying in their pajamas all day during these stay at home days. I'm not judging anyone, but I don't think I would feel very good doing those kinds of things. When I stay in my pajamas all day long it is because I am sick in bed, which I definitely don't want to be right now! I feel better about myself when I get cleaned up and put on clothes. Clothes that are comfy and casual, of course, but clothes nonetheless!  Getting dressed daily gives me a sense of routine which helps with all of the staying at home. Our routines have changed enough and keeping up a schedule of sorts helps me to feel better. I was talking with some friends yesterday on a Zoom and we were discussing our hair and what to do about haircuts and/or color. I have colored my own hair for many, many years so that doesn't concern me. I already have bought a box of my usual brand from the grocery store and just need to use it. Cutting is a different matter. I admit, I have already taken scissors to my hair once to trim my bangs and a little bit off the sides and ends. I just couldn't stand the bangs in my eyes! I worked very slowly and just snipped a little at a time. I'm OK with what I did, but I know some ladies get very nervous about this type of thing. I will probably cut more as time goes on. I figure it is only hair and it will grow back. As long as I don't cut a swatch out and give myself a bald patch I should be OK! 

What about you? What are you ladies doing about haircuts, hair color and getting dressed daily? Are you a PJ's and slippers kind of gal or a getting dressed daily kind of gal? Are you doing your own cutting and coloring or holding out until you can go to your hairdresser? Let me know in the comments, OK?

Garden and Cassie would like to let you know that they have no concerns at this time with either haircuts or hair color. They take care of their own coiffures on a daily basis and have no plans to change! Their hairstyles definitely, "take a licking and keep on ticking!" Oh to be so lucky!

Whatever you are wearing today, I hope that this is a good day for you. Stay well and keep smiling!

Until Next Time,


Michele Bynum said...

Hi Debbie, Love your style! Getting dressed gives the day some sense of normalcy. And it helps with trying to maintain a positive attitude.

Debbie Styles Life said...

Thank you, Michele! Keeping positive attitudes is very important right now. Anything that helps is good!

Sharon said...

What a great and comfy look for staying at home! I'll have to say that I go back and forth. Some days I find myself still in pajama pants and a sweatshirt at noon, and other days I have more of a routine. It has now been two months since I had a haircut; I missed my regular March appointment, and I'm due for my April appointment about now. Since I wear my hair short, it really shows that I'm overdue. I cut a little in a "problem" area yesterday. Usually I wouldn't even think about cutting my own hair, but the way it feels is beginning to bother me, so I think there will be more "at-home trimming" in my future!

Karen Anderson said...

The pictures of your kitties are always so welcome!! They are absolutely precious! That purple sweater looks so cozy (though I admit to being ready for warm weather even though it's still very cold where I live!). Cozy sweaters feel like a hug! Like you, I have always colored my own hair and will continue. I have two boxes of root touch up that are on standby! I usually take the root touch-up route and then just pull the color through the rest of my hair in kind of a streaky way and it comes out looking multi-tonal on the cheap! Cutting is a different matter. My hair is long like yours and it will just continue to grow until I can get it trimmed. You were brave to tackle the bangs! I'm just brushing mine into the sides and making the best of it! Make up every single day though, and absolutely getting dressed. The sun is out today so I'll be going for a walk to enjoy it! Have a wonderful day Debbie!

Clearissa said...

Good for you dressing up during this time. I've been in comfy sweats, sleep pants and pjs most of the time. :) I have to get dressed every day for work and Sundays for church normally. I am enjoying this downtime. :) Nice outfit. TFS

Iris said...

I've surely realized that all of my 'stay at home clothes' are pretty ratty looking. But, I'm determined to be comfortable, so... Not that I see anyone, and the dog and cats don't seem to really care. Hair is getting a little shaggy - quit coloring a long time ago. I could be a hermit way too easily.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Joy said...

WHen I was younger, I enjoyed having what we call pj days but now, no thank you. I don't feel right if I don't wash, dress properly and appropriately and generally get ready for the day ahead.
Being clean and looking neat is not a negotiable for me.