Friday, April 24, 2020

Wearing Pink and Sewing Blue

Shopping My Closet and Sewing Crafts

Hello everyone! How are you? I've been playing in my closet again and doing a little crafting so I thought I would share the results with you. I hope that each of you, my dear readers, are doing well, staying healthy and finding ways to fill your days with enjoyment! 

I must tell you that I started out with a totally different outfit, didn't like the skirt, didn't like the jacket, changed skirts, changed tops and finally pulled out this lovely pink kimono and put it on. You can let me know what you think. I'm showing the kimono styled both loosely and tied at the waist and you can see the effects are a bit different with each style. Half the fun of playing in your closet is to see what goes together and what doesn't go together. One friend and reader shared that I had inspired them to go through their closet and put tops and pants together. I view that as a compliment that I inspire anyone! 

You may notice that the skirt is tied at the bottom on each side. It is made to do this. There are slits up each side and you can wear it with the slits, tie one side, or tie both sides. I like the "blousy" bottom look with both sides tied. Plus, if I sit down the slits don't fall open and reveal more leg than I like. I had forgotten how much I like these shoes. The heel height is perfect! For some reason these shoes remind me of Mary Poppins' shoes in the original movie. I'm sure they don't look like her shoes but the cut of them and the low heel is reminiscent of her shoes. 

I just love it when the Azaleas bloom in our yard! They are so pretty, but unfortunately, they don't last long. I enjoy them while I can, though. So, that's it for the fashion show portion of this post. I figured I had better dress up at least a little bit or I might forget how! Now....on to crafts and sewing. 

Ta-Dah!  I'm excited with my very first sort-of-quilt wall hanging that I designed and sewed myself! (My dear friend, Sharon, really knows how to design and sew quilts!) It is far from perfect and not that intricate but I love the mix of fabrics and colors and I decided to sew the sand dollar into the middle and add a bow. The sand dollar has a story. Years and years ago my Mom, oldest sister and I went to the beach. It was the first time ever I saw the ocean and, believe it or not, I was in college at the time! It also happened to be a North Carolina beach by the way. I never dreamed, at the time, that I would move to North Carolina to live. Anyway, I saw this sand dollar necklace and admired it but didn't want to spend the money for it. I was saving all my money for college expenses. When we left the gift shop my Mom handed me a bag and she had bought the sand dollar necklace for me. It is such a sweet memory and I am proud to put this
remembrance of my Mom into my creation. 

Here is a close-up of the sand dollar. Don't look too closely at the stitching, LOL!  And now, a couple more miscellaneous items before I close out this post. 

This big bear decided to visit our backyard a few days ago. This is not a good picture but I thought I would share. It has on a collar and a clip in its ear for tracking. 

Some of the ladies from my church group have been putting stuffed bears in their windows or on their front porches with positive messages for folks to see as they walk by. I think this is a "thing" right now with folks social distancing. They have been dressing up their bears and really going all out. I had given my stuffed bears away during a clean out a few months ago so I have dressed up Raggedy Ann a few times and posted her pic online! Here you can see I went all out on the jewelry. A Facebook friend called her, "Bling, Bling, Annie!"

And, finally, I will close with this sweet face. Cassie is looking pensive here. Perhaps she will use this on her book jacket when she writes a book (wink)! Or, perhaps she is thinking about why I keep taking her picture. I can't resist!

Stay well and I look forward to hearing from you! 

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

I really like that pink kimono top. It's so versatile and pretty. It must have been nice to dress up during a time when pajamas and jeans are so prevalent! Your quilt is beautiful; the colors are perfect together. The story of the sand dollar is so sweet. How wonderful to have a reminder of your mom on something you made. Thanks for a lovely post, Debbie.

Iris said...

And I was just admiring your stitching till I read underneath that said don't look at it :-) I think you did a great job. Love the pink top - the style and color! Take care!
Grace & Peace,Iris

Joy said...

It's a very pretty top and the colour really works for you, I think. The patchwork is delightful (but what is a sand dollar, please?).

Karen Anderson said...

I'll be in line for gorgeous Cassie's book! What a gorgeous face!! I LOVE your quilt Debbie! Such perfect colors, and made even more special with the sand dollar from your mom! That's a great idea, and now I feel like getting my sewing machine out and making something! I have some fabric scraps that are just begging to be used in some way! I really like that skirt and how you can wear it different ways. With the sides tied up, it reminds me of a skirt I have long admired that pops up every once in awhile on Pinterest. Good idea to tie the kimono too - that's an idea I will need to remember if it ever gets warm enough here to wear spring and summer things. Right now it's still too cold for anything but fleece and sweaters, very unfortunately! Looking so forward to brighter, warmer days!