Thursday, May 21, 2020

How To Fake Wearing A White Dress

Faking You Out With Style

Hello everyone! I'm trying to fake you out today with my styling. You'll have to let me know if I have succeeded! White dresses seem to be on trend for this Spring and Summer and for awhile now I have been looking at some different white dress choices online. The one in the next pic has especially caught my eye. 

Photo from Stein Mart Ad

Isn't this a pretty dress? It also comes in blue. I have looked and looked at this dress thinking....hmmm...should I order this or not? It is so very tempting I have to tell you. But, then, I started thinking about what I already own and wondered if I could perhaps create a close look using a white blouse and my white skirt. So, off to my closet I went to do a little closet shopping. 

It's always wonderful to use what we already own, isn't it? But, the fun factor of buying a new item is lost when we closet shop. Money is saved, however, which is always a good thing. Everybody has to weigh the pros and cons, I guess, and figure out what is best for them individually. I tend to think about whether or not the new piece is similar to something I already own. I don't have a white dress currently. Or one that is the length of the Stein Mart dress. But, I do have this white skirt and top. Hmmmm...

So, while I'm still thinking, please tell me if I faked you out. How did I do??? Did you think I was wearing a white dress? 

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Sharon said...

I absolutely thought you were wearing a white dress! You did a great job shopping your closet to achieve that look. You look ready for warm weather.

Debbie Styles Life said...

I am ready for warm weather, Sharon! It was fun trying to fool my readers!

Linda Hobden said...

Love the top & skirt combo ... I would still add the dress to my closet as well - ha ha! ��

Karen said...

You did it Debbie! I thought it was a white dress! I see what you mean about the one you pictured...I have to look away because I'd love to have that but have frozen my online shopping for the time being! You came up with a perfect solution, saved money while copying the look! I don't have a white skirt, but I'm now thinking I could make one because I have a LOT of white tops! Thank you for the inspiration! Your photos are the perfect backdrop for your white outfit! It's always good to see ways to take what we have and combine them to copy something we would love to buy! That dress though...I see what you mean!!

Clearissa said...

Yes you did trick me. Good job! And yes, using what you have is always better than buying unnecessarily. Great article. TFS.

Joy said...

White is so pretty and how clever of you to fake it. I think it looks fantastic on you and, if you wanted some colour accents, that would also work well - maybe shoes, bag and a scarf or something like that.