Friday, August 28, 2020

A Drive On The Blue Ridge Parkway and A Chico's Pink Top

 In The Pink On A Parkway Drive

Hey Everyone!  The Mr. and I took a drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway today and I thought perhaps you might want to drive along with us. There was some beautiful scenery along the way and we enjoyed getting out for a bit. I'm also combining a bit of fashion in this post. The pink top is one I bought at Chico's about a year and a half ago. I bought a blue top in the same style at the same time. After buying them I decided I didn't like them at all and almost gave them away. Fast forward to this summer and I have been wearing both tops on repeat! Go figure! Sometimes it takes me awhile to realize that I actually do like a clothing item. Does that ever happen to you?

We stopped at the Mt. Pisgah parking lot and walked around a bit and snapped some photos. Today wasn't really about hiking so we didn't go far. I have hiked up Mt. Pisgah several times. I even sprained my ankle on one hike coming back down. There is a great view at the top. 

We enjoyed the views from down below. No sprained ankles today!

We did just a little walking. I love when the rhododendron makes a canopy over the trail like this!

The Mr. enjoying the view.

We keep trying to get better at taking selfies!  The clouds were darkening as you can see. 

Time to go and continue the drive. The top I'm wearing is called "the ultimate tee" and the day I bought it is the only time I have bought clothing from Chico's. The top is 60% cotton and 40% modal. There has been shrinkage and I think it fits better now. The top is comfortable to wear. When I wash and dry it, it comes out of the dryer sort of puckered but once it is on a hanger the material relaxes smoothly if that makes sense. I bought this top on sale. I would not pay the prices many of their "tee tops" are priced at but here is a link to some moderately priced tee tops on sale. 

We continued our drive further on the Blue Ridge Parkway. For a Friday afternoon it wasn't too busy which was nice. 

But, with rain coming, I was ready for us to turn around and head back home. 

So, that was our drive on the Parkway today. It was a nice way to spend a Friday afternoon. How about you? Have you ever driven on the Parkway? Are you a Chico's shopper? Are you great at taking selfies? (If so we need some hints!!) Hope you'll leave a comment and let me know. I look forward to hearing from you. 

And, many thanks to those of you who left such wonderful and thoughtful comments on my last blog post about what is happening with blogging. I loved hearing your thoughts!

Until Next Time,


Sharon said...

What a lovely drive along the parkway as shown by your pictures! It looks like a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures Debbie, thank you for sharing! I have driven on the Parkway and have camped there with my family when I was a teenager. I remember the warnings posted to not feed the bears! Gorgeous, gorgeous place! You are fortunate to live so close! This would be a perfect place to stop and spend a night when I drive down to see my grandson in NC. It's right on the way! Now you've got me planning! I like your pink shirt, just love pink! They are pricey, but do have good sales now and then! Looks like you had a wonderful day!

Iris said...

Oh, such a beautiful place. When we lived in Virginia we drove down the parkway when we visited my parents in Alabama. It always seemed to be such a peaceful place to me. Loved the pictures of the trail. Pink shirt is cute.
Grace & Peace,Iris

Joy said...

Yes, that happens to me - sometimes it is because nothing seems to go with a garment and once you find something that does, it changes the way you see it.
I've had the opposite too - one year I love it and the next - no thank you!

Lovely photos of a beautiful place - thanks for sharing them.